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Comodo IceDragon Portable

joaodp - September 11, 2012 - 9:41am
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Hi! I know already has a few nice portable web browsers (otherwise I wouldn't be using some of them) but I came across Comodo IceDragon and I tought it would be a great idea to make it portable as well.

I mean, I already found it portable, but not on the PA plattform. I hadn't got enough time yet to try to make a distribution and also I'm not sure if that would be technically possible or even completely legal.

For those who don't know, Comodo IceDragon is based on Firefox even though is not open source, for what I could understand.

It aims for browser-scanned pages (for malware) and it's own DNS service.

This is the official web page:

And this is the portable version I found:
[link to illegal warez site removed by mod JTH. No illegal software links are permitted here]
(i know it's a competitor web site, I hope I'm not breaking any rule, I'm just trying to help anyone do better than this)

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The removed link

Sorry you had to remove the link, I only realized what the site actually was about after I posted it.

Comodo IceDragon warez link

> link to illegal warez site removed by mod JTH.
That should always be done when the link points to warez main page.
> No illegal software links are permitted here
That should never be done when the link points to freeware alone.
Link to IceDragon, portable or not, cannot be illegal. No pirate
can change its status, because IceDragon is freeware. It does not
need any illegal registration key or a crack, so it cannot become a
warez software.

Many moderators overreact these days. My links to Damn Small Linux
software seldom remain undeleted, because some old fashioned WASP
thinks that "damn" is an undecent word to be censored.

I think portable IceDragon in PAF format should be made soon.
Currently I am using Thinstalled version from a portable freeware
site (no warez there).

Links to freeware can be as

Links to freeware can be as illegal as links to commercialware that has been cracked.

Repackaging a freeware app without permission, hosting it without permission, and sometimes even using a Thinstalled version of the app may be against the licence.

All freeware on PortableApps has explicit permission from the original developer except a few rare cases where online installers are acceptable within the licence.

And don't be too sure about your portable freeware site. Do they repackage any PortableApps and pass them off as their own? Illegal. Do they repackage any freeware without permission? Again illegal. Do they even just host freeware files that they do not have permission to host? Just as illegal. Obviously they host Thinstalled freeware - and that is 99% likely to be illegal due to either the apps licence or the Thinstall licence.

It's not a bug, its a feature.

non warez link

Here's a link to an unofficial and non-supported portable version of Comodo IceDragon:

I would like to see a portable version of Comodo Dragon because of Iron is scamware, isn't it Eye-wink

Use search before posting

Official release - IceDragon portable

As of the release of version 16 (and upwards, one hopes), IceDragon setup installer includes a 'Portable version' checkbox - it's the official, supported portable version from Comodo.

Has anyone actually asked if

Has anyone actually asked if it can be repackaged as PortableApps and they declined?


As discussed in other threads, the browser is nearly always out of date compared to the one it is based on (they have a Firefox and a Chrome one) so there are nearly always unpatched security issues you are vulnerable to. As such, it should simply not be used locally or portably. There is no reason to use this browser.

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