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l0rdraiden - September 14, 2012 - 6:08am
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Reasons here:

I posted the shorten url's because of the spam filter of the forum

Comodo Dragon

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some chromium developers told

some chromium developers told me the same think Sad I don't know what how to know %100 what Iron does...

Stable Builds

It's basically Chromium (which also has the Google trackers off by default) with a different name, except Iron releases stable builds. I don't think the Chromium team is allowed to call any releases 'stable' and promote them, they just have nightlies.

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

I can not understand why the

I can not understand why the Chromium developers does release the stable versions?! They make me crazy about it. It is not so difficult to do it.

Anyway.. We are sure that Iron is not scamware? When I search on google, I can ready many toics about it...

They Can't

I'd wager they're not permitted to. The whole reason for Chromium's existence is to make Chrome. Google owns and runs both projects. Google wants users to use Chrome.

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

I'm already using Comodo

I'm already using Portable Comodo Dragon.
I hope that the admins of Portable Apps remove soon SRWare Iron to add Comodo Dragon.

To contact with the dev's of Comodo Dragon go here:

I'm sure they will give his permission to publish Comodo Drangon in PortableApps.

SRWare Iron vs

SRWare Iron vs Comodo-Dragon:

If all of them are true Iron Browser is better than comodo for portable users.

I don't want to belive open source Iron is scamware :/

Never reports back site

Never reports back site related metadata to mothership:
SRWare Iron +
Dragon - (Checks SSL Certificates against Comodo Cloud)

This and the open source are the only differences that he have explained in the post although there are others where CD wins and does not appear in that post.
This is optional and can be disabled in the settings.

Even if it's open source it is still scamware, there is no difference btw using Chrome with the settings modified and use Iron, but at least COmodo Drangon offers and additional security layer (secure DNS and SLL Checker)

Also Iron does not offer security updates on time (months later compared with Chromium) which it's quite important. They just update Iron whenever they want.

Can you download the source code? because doesn't seem to be available
Download parameters invalid - please try again later.

Why does he need to upload the source code to rapidshare? there are many alternatives much better to share a source code.

You're right... :/

You're right... :/

When I read this things, I can understand that really the companies kidding the users with open source philosophy. Here is Iron we are talking about. Here is: Chromium has not many differences with Chrome. But Chromium does not release stable binaries which are %99 same with Chrome stable. What to say!? Nothing:! Just bullshit!

I started the download of part 1 source

I started the download. The first part is a file of 300 MB.

Any news?

Any news?

I had a really bad security

I encountered a really bad security breach today with Iron Portable, latest version: some virus got into my Data folder as ESET Scanner reported. I quickly deleted it (the virus, that is; I should have jotted down the name, I know).

Never happened to me that a browser sucked in a virus. Strange.

Likely Incorrect

Most scanners like ESET will alert on Javascript files and cookies that could theoretically be used to exploit something even if they are downloaded by a browser (and stored in its cache) that is invulnerable to the exploit.

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

This one was featured in a

This one was featured in a virus database on some Mexican domain.

- Possible that the Mexicans were also misled.

I quickly deleted all browser cache so I can't replicate it. My bad, I know.


This is pretty common. A legit site you visit is using a third party ad network. That ad network doesn't properly screen all their ads, or they get hacked, or one of their advertisers gets hacked. Then the legit site is serving you up a Javascript file designed to compromise you. If you're using a fully patched current browser, it likely has zero effect. But, that file winds up in your browser's cache and an antivirus tool 'alerts' on it and the end user feels safer.

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

Thanks John.

Thanks John.