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Trojan from server Libreoffice?

johan_b - September 22, 2012 - 7:10am

Today 22-09-2012 I updated my portable apps.
The update was stuck at the Libreoffice update.
a moment later my virusscanner (F-secure) reported a trojan in the file
It looked like it was received during the update.
Is it possible the files on the server are infected?

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That would be an F-Secure issue. A false positive. Nothing in LibreOffice Portable has ever contained any infection. You'll note that icudt49.dll is perfectly clean.

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trojan from server libreoffice?

Good evening to everybody
Today 12/28/2013 i downloaded libreoffice 4.1.4 (greek)in my pc, but it doesnt work (the previous version was working perfectly).
I also use comodo free antivirus and it scanned a trojan (Cloudscanner. Trojan.gen@2@1 at my programm files :(X86)\Libreoffice 4\program\soffice.bin).
Is that a trojan,or my antivirus isn't properly working?