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GAMEchief - October 28, 2006 - 3:23pm
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I'd like to have RealPlayer Portable, 'cause I use my portable apps on computers where I can't install programs, so I can't play my RAM and RM files.

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is realplayer really needed?

i believe mplayer, media player classic and vlc can all play ra/ram files.

you should probably convert them to ogg or mp3 (just a suggestion)
Installers are for babies.

Installers are for babies.

VLC can't

MPC can if you install the "real alternative"
(theres "Quick-time alt" to..)
But I haven't tried it as "portable"

it can't be done.

Real player is a proprietary program, owned by RealMusic. it is not a FREE (OpenSource) application...

However you CAN install

However you CAN install either VLC portable, MPC in a portable form, and then install the codecs either on your machine or somehow in the folders of MPC or VLC. Not sure about that last bit, but it should be possible...

Real Alternative and just about any program is a major step up from good ol' Real, btw...


Put all violators of the Constitution in jail.

Put all violators of the Constitution in jail.

sort of. There's the Helix

sort of. There's the Helix community versions

part of it's open source, part of it's not I'm not sure if it could be modified to be portable or allow portable playing of the files but I'd really like to find a portable version of Real Alternative and Quicktime Alternative, that I could have someone write a plugin to use them in portable firefox Smiling

They're for linux but I've seen all sorts of software ported from linux to windows.