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Can I use Citrix ICA client with Portable Firefox?

jacobthooft - October 29, 2006 - 3:41pm
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I have trouble getting acces to my compnay Intranet using Firefox Portable via the Citric application. I can't install the neccesary ICA client.
My company laptop has been 'closed' by the ICT department so I can't install software on it.

I am a fan of the Portable Apps Tunderbird and Firefox.
They allow me to send e-mail and surf the web from my company laptop when connected to other than the company intranet.

When I try to access our company intranet via the Citrix 'operating system' I get the following message:
"You do not have the Citrix ICA Client (Plug-in) for 32-bit Windows installed on your system. You must install the ICA Client to launch the applications."
I have downloaded the neccesary 'ica32t.exe' but can't install it because of the restrictions on my computer.
My computer has Windows XP professional version 5.1 (service pack 2.0).
I use Portable Firefox version

I have searched the forum anf FAQ's for this issue but found nothing.

Any experience out there?


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Unfortunately no....

but not to the Firefox use question. As you stated and error stated, you do not have the client for citrix installed, and cannot install it, so there is no way for it to work.

The Citrix system works by using your citrix client that is installed on the machine to run. Yes, you open the webpage in Internet explorer or Firefox, but after that the citrix client takes over and controls the browser window for its purpose. Without that client installed it will not work.

I suggest you ask you IT department to install the client for you, do not tell them you want to use Firefox; just tell them you want citrix.

Deuce {The Core}{Dev Blog}
Portable Software: Just the beginning.

Portable Software: Just the beginning.

The funny thing is ........

Your reply made me thinking. So I checked on my private main desktop computer, on which Citrix just runs fine, where this ICA client is installed. That appears to be in c:\program files\citrix\icaweb32
Now on my company laptop I have the same type of files installed in c:\program files\Citrix\ica client
So to me it seems that ICA Client software is installed on my company laptop but that Firefox in one way or another does not seem to be aware of this. Would there be a tool, option or setting that I could change to remedy this?



Not really as I can tell. ICAWEB#@ is the install folder for the newer versions of ICA client, it seems that you have an older version on the laptop and the ica server wants to update or reinstall te system. but because if the way ica works, it will just tell you need to install it. Basically a simple message instead of complicating it. It will just uninstall the old and reinstall the new.

It comes back to the same, you are going to need to get you IT guys to install the newest client and then you will have no problem.

Deuce {The Core}{Dev Blog}
Portable Software: Just the beginning.

Portable Software: Just the beginning.

portable citrix ica client

There is a portable ica client called thinica. it is free for personal use.