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Minecraft portable

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J dub (Homepage) - January 15, 2013 - 10:51pm
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I was thinking if you could get google and Firefox to work with you could you try and get minecraft probable but only two versions: demo and full and with the file compressor you should be able to squeeze some space out of it. Thanks!

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Please search. Minecraft has

Please search.

Minecraft has been discussed (and had beta tests posted) a number of times, although (so far) none of them will ever become official for legal/permission reasons. It is up to you which one you use if you want to use one that has already been posted.

It's not a bug, its a feature.

Minecraft Portable

If you already have minecraft, and want to make it portable just follow these steps.

1. place .minecraft folder in desired location (e.g. X:\).
2. place minecraft launcer on the X: drive
3. open up notepad (or other simple text editor) and type in the following code
@echo off
Title Minecraft Launcher
start %CD%\{launchername.extension}

4. replace {launchername.extension} with your launchers details (eg start %CD%\minecraft.exe)
5. Save as launcher.bat on X: drive
6. launch batch file to start minecraft.
7. ENJOY!!

EDIT: I am not responsible for any legal action taken against any party by any other party. Use it


if you are in legal ownership of Minecraft.