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OpenVPN Portable

talapantas - January 17, 2013 - 3:02am
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hi! im trying to make a launcher for OpenVPN so it can run portable. Im using launcher and was done with launcher.ini

Here's my launcher.ini






i tried to be as honest as i can to the manual and yet every time i compile and run the launcher, the keys are merged in Wow6432Node, thus, the openvpn wont run. but when i tried merging the keys (already modified by launcher) manually, it merges directly under HKLM and the launcher was able to run the openvpn without a problem i dont know why.

any help will be greatly appreciated!

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It's a bug, and will be fixed in PAL 3.0 (now at 2.2).
I don't know when Chris will have it finished or wether he's working on it right now.

Yes, I set the working directory!

thought so...

that's what i initially thought...though i have read somewhere that HKLM is only accessible with admin rights. i even tried running the launcher with admin rights (im using win7-64bit) but the keys are still created under wow so i thought this is some kind of restriction so users wont touch the HKLM because portableapps is not really supposed to, or the purpose isn't served (i guess), considering restricted workplaces with admin restrictions that the only programs allowed running are those that can freely access HKCU without any problems.

thanks for the thought @Bennieboj!

still seeking for work around on this. Smiling

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32bit apps on 64bit pc

The redirection is meant for programs that are compiled for 32 bit versions of windows but are run on a 64 bit machine, as you can read in the topic I linked. More info here.
At the moment, at least in PAL, there is no way around this.
I've searched many hours to circumvent this, no avail (only using PAL).
You probably could use a program to be run before launching your app, but Chris should update PAL somewhere in the future.
I know it's annoying, I have a few personal apps that I can't use on a 64bit machine because of this. (almost all my machines Sad )

Yes, I set the working directory!

all righty!

thank you so much for the tip @Bennieboj!

tried the one you linked but it isn't really doing something Sad
still hopeful that the ticket is being worked on though.
at the moment, i'll try my best to understand how i can circumvent this (merging the registry file silently using batch script perhaps? XD)

anyway the 1.6.6 portable-gui version of openvpn works good on openvpn 2.2.2, but 2.3.0 (released jan 13, '13) wont run through it, so i'll just be sticking to the old one

break free on host, use portableapps!

Official enough?