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Does PicPick scrolling window capture work in Firefox?

christina_a - January 27, 2013 - 10:58pm
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Scrolling capture in latest PicPick portable version doesn't work in Firefox 18. But then, a lot of screen capture prgms scrolling capture doesn't work.

I tried changing capture scrolling delay, but no change. It will work in certain other app & things like Explorer windows. Even then, doesn't seem to capture screen part that is wider than the monitor.

Anyone had any success w/ this in Firefox?

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I'd recommend using an extension for Firefox to screenshot web pages. They work far better than external programs do.

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

Thanks John. I've used

Thanks John. I've used Fireshot before. It worked. I just don't like adding more & more extensions if there's another way. One more thing to conflict & Fx is also already big enough.

Since I rarely take scrolling shots, it's a waste to run an addon all the time. It's also a hassle to enable it & restart Fx when I do want a scrolling capture. Go figure.

Screenshot Captor's scrolling capture works most of the time in Fx, but it's not the most intuitive process. Hardly a one click & done.

Extension Weight

A properly written snapshot extension won't take up any processing power or cause any compatibility issues while it's not in use.

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

not fully functional

Unfortunately the feature of a screen capture of a scrolling window doesn't works completely. Surely is the developers of PicPick this problem known. But probably a complete solution is too complicated. I have tested the feature in different cases on a PC, where Windows XP SP3 is installed. Here are my results:

  1. Feature works
    • Mozilla Firefox, Portable Edition v18.0.1
    • Google Chrome Portable v24.0.1312.56
    • Internet Explorer v8
    • Adobe Reader v10.1.5
    • Windows Explorer
    • Microsoft Office Excel 2007 (but I must stop the capturing with the key "Esc" on my keyboard)
  2. Feature doesn't work
    • Microsoft Office Word 2007
    • Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007
    • PDF-XChange Viewer v2.5.208

Perhaps the combination of

Perhaps the combination of Vista & Firefox create problems for many capture prgms scrolling capture. I don't think there'd be any difference in portable Fx & installed. But, you're using XP. I remember FastStone Capture's scrolling capture quit when I switched from XP to Vista, though all other features still worked. But many that can't scrolling capture in Fx, can in IE. I just never use IE.

Usage of Google Chrome Portable browser

And have you already tried to use the Google Chrome browser? Maybe that this browser works better in Vista.

Have not tried Chrome - &

Have not tried Chrome - & probably won't. Eye-wink

I try to stay as far away as possible from the Google empire.

In Firefox, Screenshot Captor - as a stand alone - works for scrolling captures.
Fireshot addon worked - when last tried it a few Fx ver ago. I'd just have to enable it & restart when I want to use it, as I've got enough other important addons running constantly.