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Portable Tor ?

Anonymous - December 29, 2005 - 10:32am
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is there a portable version of tor?

iam suar some has made a portable version ,
kindly post the url,

thanks john for the portable version of the firefox,

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TorPark is based on Portable Firefox 1.5 Beta 1. I'm working with the author on an improved version.

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

TorPark site unavailable

PortableApps site is exactly what I've been needing. Sure do appreciate the easy navigation and look. Prog list whets my appetite to try.

In looking for a portable surfing prophylactic, aka small anonymous surfing tool, I found reference after reference to TorPark v1.5. All sites claiming download capability redirect download to "" However, the url times out for these past two days.

Sorry to take your valuable time for this question, but do you know where to download a copy from, other than the url above, or what the problem might be?

Again, thanks so much for every bit of your hard work for all that you are doing. I for one really appreciate it.


EDIT: Don't pay the ransom, the lost is found. TorPark site back online

Looking forward to it. I am

Looking forward to it. I am probably too paranoid but I do like using Tor Smiling

Side Effects

It's handy, but there are side effects. Like being locked out of editing the Wikipedia.

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

That and slowong down to

That and slowong down to about 20 kilobytes per second!

It is absolutely true, that

It is absolutely true, that using Tor you get slower connections, but you also get greater anonymity. So it is your decision how much worth is your anonymity.

But I am using it for IM services - and it works quite well.

I notice that TorPark is out

I notice that TorPark is out on

I would like to install on my USB drive, but wanted to check to make sure that it would not conflict with PortableFirefox that I already use on the drive...

Any comments...suggestions?


It shouldn't. I have been

It shouldn't. I have been running both for some time now and have had no problems.

Thanks for the reply. I am

Thanks for the reply.

I am going to install now and give it a try.

Portable Tor

I think I've got Tor to be portable, however, it could still writing some files I dont know about:

simply create a batch file in the tor directory with the text
"tor -f torrc datadirectory J:\location\Tor" where "J:\location" is where the tor folder is on your portable drive

Another batch file that automatically detects your drive letter:
****place this in your portable drive
for %%x in (%0) do set BatchPath=%%~dpsx
cd %BatchPath%\Vidalia
echo %BatchPath%>currentpath.txt
for /f "tokens=1 delims=:" %%i in (currentpath.txt) do set letter=%%i
****now you can modify the first above batch file

and lastly, if you get annoyed of seeing a black dos screen the entire time:
create a vbs file with this text:
CreateObject("Wscript.Shell").Run """" & WScript.Arguments(0) & """", 0, False
****and then link some batch file to it, for example:
@echo off
for %%x in (%0) do set BatchPath=%%~dpsx
cd %BatchPath%
wscript.exe "%BatchPath%invisible.vbs" "%BatchPath%tor.bat"
***where tor.bat is an example file, ie with the code from above
***invisible.vbs is an example file name, with the vb code from above

And thats it.
Im still working on vidalia
Biggest problem is making vidalia run tor.bat instead of tor.exe
Second problem is that vidalia apparently writes to other files other than the vidalia.conf, so the -datadir "." option doesnt suffice

Yet, and please:
If anyone has any ideas/solutions, please post


Take a look at
It explains how to make the Vidalia Bundle portable.