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KeePass 2

RamboJunior - February 20, 2013 - 6:00am
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I've just copied the KeePass2 portable files to X:\PortableApps\KeePassPortable\ , and my problem is the KeePass v1 exe is originally called KeePassPortable.exe but KeePass v2 exe is called KeePass.exe if I rename it to KeePassPortable the V2 plugins are not working at all, how can I modify the PortableApps menu to open KeePass.exe by default?

Thanks is advance!


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Wrong location

First of all you are copying the app to the wrong location, you need to copy it to install dir/App/keepass.

Secondly - Even then KeePass and KeePass 2 are two completely different apps - the original is coded in C++ (which has little to no requirements on the host system) while KeePass 2 is coded in C# (which requires the .NET Framework on every computer you want to run it on).

It may also mean that KeePass 2 will not be portable (in regards to settings and personal data) when placed in the KeePass Portable package. It may also mean that KeePass 2 won't even work without significant changes to the portable package.

Also I believe that the database format of KeePass is not compatible with KeePass 2 (although I may be wrong) so any databases you had in KeePass will not work with KeePass 2.

It's not a bug, its a feature.


I think you can import a database(v1) into v2, so they will work in fact...
Never tried it though, I stick with Keepass2 portable (from site) myself and KeePassDroid Laughing out loud

Yes, I set the working directory!

KeePassDroid Support?

Last I checked, nothing supported the new KeePass 2 database format except KeePass 2. Did KeePassDroid add support for it? I thought it was difficult in non-.NET languages.

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KeePassDroid did add support for KeePass2 databases (read and recently write). I didn't test it yet, since I didn't need it yet, but others did test it and it seems to work.

from here:
Do you support KeePass version >=2, .kdbx databases?
Yes. Beta read-only support for .kdbx databases was added in KeePassDroid 1.5.

also here.

Yes, I set the working directory!


Ah, it's still considered a beta. Last I checked everything supported kdb and nothing at all supported kdbx. Beta support is a start. I use it directly off my microSD, so both KeePassDroid and KeePass Portable use the same database, but I wouldn't want to trust it to beta support.

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

More Precisely, Write-to-kdbx Is Considered Beta

The KeePass Droid app has had read-only support for kdbx for some time; the write support is a new feature not yet considered fully stable. (Not surprising; the consequences of something going wrong in read-only mode are obviously a lot easier to control and less dire if they do strike.)

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