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KeePass 2

Submitted by RamboJunior on February 20, 2013 - 5:00am


I've just copied the KeePass2 portable files to X:\PortableApps\KeePassPortable\ , and my problem is the KeePass v1 exe is originally called KeePassPortable.exe but KeePass v2 exe is called KeePass.exe if I rename it to KeePassPortable the V2 plugins are not working at all, how can I modify the PortableApps menu to open KeePass.exe by default?

Thanks is advance!


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First of all you are copying the app to the wrong location, you need to copy it to install dir/App/keepass.

Secondly - Even then KeePass and KeePass 2 are two completely different apps - the original is coded in C++ (which has little to no requirements on the host system) while KeePass 2 is coded in C# (which requires the .NET Framework on every computer you want to run it on).

It may also mean that KeePass 2 will not be portable (in regards to settings and personal data) when placed in the KeePass Portable package. It may also mean that KeePass 2 won't even work without significant changes to the portable package.

Also I believe that the database format of KeePass is not compatible with KeePass 2 (although I may be wrong) so any databases you had in KeePass will not work with KeePass 2.

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I think you can import a database(v1) into v2, so they will work in fact...
Never tried it though, I stick with Keepass2 portable (from site) myself and KeePassDroid Laughing out loud

Yes, I set the working directory!

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Last I checked, nothing supported the new KeePass 2 database format except KeePass 2. Did KeePassDroid add support for it? I thought it was difficult in non-.NET languages.

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KeePassDroid did add support for KeePass2 databases (read and recently write). I didn't test it yet, since I didn't need it yet, but others did test it and it seems to work.

from here:
Do you support KeePass version >=2, .kdbx databases?
Yes. Beta read-only support for .kdbx databases was added in KeePassDroid 1.5.

also here.

Yes, I set the working directory!

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Ah, it's still considered a beta. Last I checked everything supported kdb and nothing at all supported kdbx. Beta support is a start. I use it directly off my microSD, so both KeePassDroid and KeePass Portable use the same database, but I wouldn't want to trust it to beta support.

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

The KeePass Droid app has had read-only support for kdbx for some time; the write support is a new feature not yet considered fully stable. (Not surprising; the consequences of something going wrong in read-only mode are obviously a lot easier to control and less dire if they do strike.)

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Any chance of this being revisited?

The compatibility for other OS's has picked up significantly.

The .Net requirements is built in for Windows 7+.

KeePassDroid now also supports read/write for KDBX databases Smiling

Portability is meant to come out of the box for the portable ZIP version provided by the main dev.

"The portable version can be carried around on portable devices (like USB sticks) and runs on any computer directly from the device, without any installation (provided that a .NET framework is installed). It doesn't store anything on your system (in contrast to the setup package, see above). KeePass doesn't create any new registry keys and it doesn't create any configuration files in your Windows or application data directory of your user profile." Advocate

Ok, so we have an official portable version of KeePassv2, and we're unable to add it in to the Portable Apps launcher is pretty much strictly because of .net framework is not portable, is this correct? The launcher is not able to just execute KeePassv2 and get out of the way, or what exactly? Do I need to just add it to my flash drive and launch it independently?


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The problem is that (at the moment) the Launcher has no way of knowing if the .NET dependencies of any given app are met, so on one PC you could launch a .NET app and have it run just fine, then on the next PC the same app would silently die, no errors, no warnings, thus giving a terrible user experience that we are not willing to introduce into an officially released app.

.NET detection is on the list of upcoming features, but so are a lot of other things too, and with only one person really working on the programming side of PortableApps, sometimes new features can be a long time coming.

Unfortunately we also cannot legally make the .NET Framework portable, although the relicensing of a subset of the .NET Framework earlier this year (or was it late last year? I forget) gives some hope for the possibility (but no certainty) of a legally portable .NET dependency in the future.

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