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PicPick_easiest way to add caption

christina_a - September 7, 2013 - 11:39am
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AFAIK, PicPick doesn't have a specific "Add a Caption" to image feature (DON'T mean a text box on top of image).
Surprising, given how advanced it is.

Only fairly clumsy way I found to add caption is
- take screen shot
- resize canvas - seems to only add space at bottom - no option to change that.
- if want caption on top of image, drag image down into newly resized canvas.
- draw text box in blank area of canvas space (at top) to create a pseudo caption.
- enter / edit text.

Is there an easier, faster way to add captions in PicPick?

Doing a caption this way, other features normally associated w/ captions - border or border color; background color - must be done separately from other controls, not the text entry editor, slowing the process.


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Not by the looks of it

The only thing remotely similar I can see is the watermark feature (Effects-->Watermark). Of course, that requires your caption to be in the form of an image file, not text.

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Thanks. I was pretty sure

Thanks. I was pretty sure hadn't missed it.

If I'm going to add captions (50% of time or >), find myself reaching for OLD, last free ver. FastStone CApture 5.3.

I can't get it to print in Vista anymore for several yrs (just hangs); scrolling capture doesn't work - IN Firefox; but rest works as well as ever. Still faster, more intuitively designed, quicker markup methods (for common stuff) than almost any I've tried.

Can copy edited captures to another app, to print, but a shame it can't print or do scrolling (browser) windows. Yeah, there are others that do scrolling windows.

PicPick is not a image processing program

You should not forget that PicPick primarily is a program for creation of screenshots and it is not a sophisticated image processing program. Also such a program like GIMP doesn't contain a button for the immediate "Adding of captions". But with GIMP you've different possibilities for a convenient creation of captions to a picture. Furthermore you can save your caption in a separate file. Afterwards you open your picture and paste your caption simply as a new layer.

I tested the creation of a screenshot of a scrolling browser window and it works fine on my PC. But I've used for this test the Internet Explorer 10 on my Windows 8 computer. Accordingly it may be, that this feature doesn't work with Windows Vista. Have you also tried another browser instead of Firefox?

Thanks tapsklaps. Yes,

Thanks tapsklaps.

Yes, PicPick is primarily screenshot app. Captions on screenshots are pretty common on some such apps. Perhaps more on paid vs free ones.

You tried What? on IE scrolling window capture? FastStone 5.3? That's what I meant, not PicPick. PicPick works for Fx scrolling captures (or did, last check).

Captions (on top) can be added in PicPick - w/ enough effort, but if that's *one* main need on simpler screens, something like FastStone 5.3 is far faster / easier.

Oddity - PicPick resizing canvas only adds to bottom (adjusting ht.). Even OLD FastStone 5.3 & many newer ones give choice where to expand new canvas. I liked PicPick, just seems odd.

Then, sometimes it gives msg, trying to select capture & drag onto new canvas, "you must flatten... to do this."

Adding of a caption above the image

Indeed you can expand the canvas only at the bottom of the image.
But with the following instructions I will explain how it is possible to insert a caption above the image without the necessity of expanding the canvas.

  • Firstly make a screenshot
  • Then you point your mouse to the small rectangle in the center above of the image. Now you make a left-click on this small rectangle and draw the mouse upwards. This action will expand the image upwards.
  • With the "Text" symbol you paste the appropriate caption above of the image.

Can it be that you wanted to report about problems in the use of the FireShot addon for the Firefox browser?

Thanks. I'd never have

Thanks. I'd never have figured out how to create expanded canvas in PicPick, because your instructions (which work) don't work that way in any other app, I know of.

Now I don't have to mess w/ other apps, where they have no caption ability, or are difficult to use, compared to PicPick. Some apps make adding a caption more difficult than need be, even some that have "caption" feature.

"...the small rectangle in middle..." you mention, (to clarify for others) is the border dragging mark / square, ON the border, in the middle of top (or ANY) border. Not in the "middle of the image."

In PicPick, when drag the border upward (OR down, or to either side), it creates more blank canvas space.
In most apps, doing that would stretch / enlarge the image, itself - not create blank canvas. It's unconventional, to say the least - but it works.

only an individual solution

Of course I've never claimed, that my instructions are applicable to every other app.

I also am of the opinion, that there exists a lot of other apps, which can also create a caption in a simple kind (for example GIMP). Surely may it be, that some instructions for a more fine-grained caption with GIMP are a little bit more extensive. But in the end it's your choice to use these more difficult instructions or not. Accordingly you can also choose a simpler kind for creation of a caption with GIMP.