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JackBNymble, Reliable, PGP 6.5.8, Nautilus, Mixminion, Quicksilver,

matt_yahoo - November 26, 2006 - 11:21am
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It would be nice if the following security/privacy/anonymity apps were given the '' treatment;

JackBNymble 2.1.4 Panta-Reliable-Mod-2005-08-17 modified

Reliable 1.0.5 Panta-Reliable-Mod-2005-04-20 modified

PGP 6.5.8 (The CKT version)

Nautilus 1.7 (actually portable since it is a command line MS DOS app. An easy to use GUI would be nice).

Mixminion Type III remailer

Quicksilver email program.

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A portable Mixmaster/PGP GUI can be found in the form of OmniMix 0.9.9

From the website

"...OmniMix now offers you as a Windows user a convenient way to benefit from the Mixmaster remailer network. It works as a switchbox between your mail resp. news client and the outer world and either sends your messages directly to the destination or routes them through the Mixmaster remailer network in order to make them anonymous. If you need a replyable mail address, OmniMix assists you in setting up an account at one of the existing nym servers and afterwards automatically transforms outgoing and incoming messages accordingly.

If there's no necessity of anonymous communication, simply use OmniMix to add features your client software itself is lacking:

· Send and receive messages from external servers through secured connections (with SSL / TLS / Tor).

· Add recipient related hashcash tokens to your messages to increase their chances to pass spam filters.

· Protect your mails with automatic Whole Message Encryption (WME) and by doing so reduce the amount of information you reveal and your efforts for PGP en- resp. decryption to a minimum..."

OmniMix can be found at;