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TrueCrypt Portable

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Espreon - December 1, 2006 - 8:58pm
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TrueCrypt is an opensource app that stores files and folders in safes (virtual drives which are password protected.) Files and Folders in the safe are strongly encrypted.

Please Make it portable.

Here is the link:

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After installing TrueCrypt

After installing TrueCrypt on your main computer click on its icon, go to tools and click on Traveler Disk Setup. It will install the portable version to the USB of your choice. Of course to use it you will need Admin. privileges. I would suggest you encrypt 90% of your USB (TrueCrypt File)and that way you can gain access to the TrueCrypt outside of the TrueCrypt file.

compareable Tool usable without administrator privileges

Is there any compareable tool which can be used without administrator privilegs?


just deletet U3 ... now Using PortableAppsMenu and Various Portable-Tools Smiling

just deleted U3 ... now Using PortableAppsMenu and Various Portable-Tools Smiling