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Paint.NET Portable Beta

dormedas - December 3, 2006 - 5:08pm
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Well, now, this would be my first Portable App!

Paint.NET is an image manipulation software similar to Photoshop, but less complex, and more easy-to-understand than GIMP.(at least for me)

Paint.NET Portable is actually 1 more MB than regular Paint.NET, because I've not UPX'd it yet. This is Beta 0.5 of the portable app, and for the actual program's version beta 3.0 v1.

The download size is 6.1 MB, and the actual files are 15.9 MB I believe.
(.7z format, use your portable 7-zip!)
(as stated, it's not necessarily portable, so...use if you want.....or can...)

I have no clue if it leaves registry keys, so if someone could tell me that, 'd appreciate it.

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Good attempt

Good attempt... but not portable. It leaves a lot of registry keys in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Paint.NET. Aside from that it relies on the .NET framework which means it can't really be portable.

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I forgot about .NET framework, eh? Although most Windows Computers that are up-to-date (at least XP-wise) should work with it. It also requires SP2, as I've tried to test it on my sister's computer(don't know why she dont have it either)

Darn, and I thought I had something.
I'll find something more fitting...
EDIT: Do you know if a program left traces in the registry by RegEdit search? or are there programs that tell you exactly where?

I just searched the registry

I just searched the registry for '' using regseeker

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My pc is up to date, but i

My pc is up to date, but i dont have nor want this .net crap Smiling

It's optional

And most PCs don't have it installed since most software doesn't require it. And having both the 1.1 and 2.0 runtimes installed (some .net software requires one... some the other... and they're *stupidly* incompatible with each other) takes up something like 200MB.

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So very true

If run through Microsoft Update, if you have a lack of .NET frameworks, I think it will reccomend that you get them. I, for one, have both, which I also agree with John on about the incompatability.

So, basically, my project = failed, but there IS Truck Dismount !


Stair Dismount (portable)!
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Why not?

What's the problem with it? I like it just fine... I can make programs in a snap without largely having to worry about the Windows API for one thing. Plus if I avoid using the Windows API directly at all, my programs will eventually run under Mono.NET on Linux...

However I have only found one .NET app valuable enough to put on my thumb drive... a little tool that allows me to decompile .NET programs, even Microsoft's own framework (the parts WRITTEN in .NET, at least). Nifty. So when someone asks me "Hay here's my program, test it" I can crack it open and tell them EXACTLY what they're doing wrong, hehehe... >.>

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what net decompiler do u use

@The MAZZTer
what .net app decompiler do u use? link please?

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There is a program that lets you track the activity in the registry...

issue with .Net framework requiered

I am annoyed that it requires .Net 2 but is really cool.

possible way to get net 2 portable

check out - there you will find a standalone framework for net 2 - it just needs to be copied into the apps folder and might be an attempt to get portable as well.

Yeah, but you still have to

Yeah, but you still have to install it - you can bring it to install on friends PCs etc, but not on normal PCs in libraries etc...

no need to install

you need to install it - yes but you can copy the "installation" to your portable media - then the "clean" target pc doesnt need installation anymore - works for my nlite - using it as an portable app - and no .net on host computer - no install.

there might be some registry entries that are auto-created - but if i look at portable miranda - there also are reg entries created - so this could work too