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Portable CD burning software found.

mjbdiver - December 5, 2006 - 1:41pm
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I just came across some portable CD burning software called DeepBurner Portable. It's based on the free version of Deep Burner, which burns data, audio and ISO images. It takes up only 7.5MB of disk space and works extremely well. It's closed-source, though. This is a real find!

You can download DeepBurner Portable here:



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Can it be UPXed and still

Can it be UPXed and still work? I don't have any spare CDs lying around to test...

Yeah, the version I tried it

Yeah, the version I tried it with compressed to about a meg. I think you need bass.dll in the directory as well, but other than that it seems to be behaving itself...

Gah! This has already been

Gah! This has already been mentioned. I was hoping to see a different one I could play with.


FYI even the portable

FYI even the portable version leaves config and log files in (user)/Application Data/DeepBurner.

Who needs it?

Bong Sanvictores

Any PC with a CD-RW drive would most likely have a burner installed. An installer carried around would be better. I ditched my old Nero for NTI CD & DVD Maker (http://www.nticdmaker.com/)- so much simpler to use.

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