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cstern - December 12, 2006 - 9:47am
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I would love to see the "EverNote" product available as a portable thru PortableApps.

This is a great product for note taking as you can set keywords, and categories to your notes for easy searching.

Please contact the makers of EverNote to get this software into portable format for PortableApps.

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I believe that this is closed source software so we can't make any legal modifications.

your friendly neighbourhood moderator Zach Thibeau

I spoke with Evernote thru

I spoke with Evernote thru email and they are working on a portable version of Evernote for all portable platforms. So I would think they are willing to work with Portable Apps on making a portable version available for the users of Portable

They currently have it available for Ceedo.


Ok then we'll let John Look into it then Sticking out tongue

your friendly neighbourhood moderator Zach Thibeau

Thank you

If you can get this software as a portable, you will find a lot of people will enjoy this product as much as I is truly one of the best note-taking software out there with the ability to search by keyword or category.

Look forward to hearing if Evernote will be available on Portable Apps in the future.

EverNote Portable is available

EverNote just released a free version of EverNote 2.0 Portable Beta. It is available here: - Info - Download

Hopefully you can include it on your list of support software. Let us know if you have any questions.


I love EverNote

and will use it much more if the portable version works well.

Thanks for the link Alex.


Leaves tracks

It created a directory "C:My EverNote Files" with 3 subdirectories when installed. Also created a shortcut to EverNote. I deleted the above and the application starts and I assume runs. Edit: The directory noted above gets recreated when the prograam is run. Will leave your notes on the host!!! Looks to me like the installer/program needs some work.

Since this doesn't meet the Portable Apps guidelines (not open source), how can it be listed as a supported app?


Not a problem here

Are you certain you chose to install the program directly on your portable and not c:? I installed the program to my usb key and the "My Evernote Files" directory appeared in the route of my usb drive. I then ran the app, closed the app, deleted the "My Evernote Files" directory, reran the app, and low and behold the directory was recreated. No directories were created in c:. However it appears there is no way to specify a different directory after install for anything other than the backup directory. The program works great and I have been using the previous version installed on PC (and copied to usb) for over a year with no issues, only praise. I am truly glad they have pursued this in an universal portable format. I have not had a chance to verify no registry entries are made, as the PC I am using has the full version installed.

I did...

I generally run Portable Apps from a directory on my hard drive except when I travel. The computer I was using had the papps directory on C: so that is why I observed what I did.
I guess I used the wrong computer as all the others use a secondary drive. Still writing to root does not seem like a good idea.


Not placing files in the root

This is a problem that we noticed as soon as we released the portable version. Next version will be improved to ask a user where to store those files.

Meanwhile, you can fix this behaivor very simply. In the ENOptions.xml file - add a line that says this:

<DefaultEverNotePath TEXT="\Folder_for_EverNote\Path\" />

The path that you specify there will be the default root path.

Hope this helps,


Thank you for the reply.

I dug out a stick and did a fresh install to try what you suggested. It did not work as I expected so I think I'll wait for the next version.

I installed Evernote to a directory on the thumb drive called "EverNote". I unchecked the "Run EverNote" at the end of the install so that I could modify the ENOptions.xml file to change the data path to "x:\EverNote\Data". Didn't work as ENOptions.xml isn't created until EverNote is run the first time. By that time, files were already created in the root of drive x: and EverNote seem to want to use those no matter what I tried. I guess I am doing something wrong (or just don't understand).

Another issue:
Since I have multiple applications on my thumb drive, I expect an application to be self contained within its own directry structure, not spread across multple directory structures.
I have more portable applications than what will fit on my thumb drives, so I pick and choose applications that I think I will need. Having to select multiple directories for individual applications increases the possibility I will screw up.


Good points

Thanks for your comments. I will bring them up with the developers.


ENOptions.xml changes

I played around with the xml file after I opened the program up and saved the database and found these changes seem to work for me. Before you edit these lines, however, make sure there is no "My EverNote Files" folder in the root of the drive and that you have unchecked "Open last used database upon program start" as this will keep the program from accepting these new values. In the ENOptions.xml file (should be in the folder with the executable) you'll want to edit these lines:

DefaultEverNotePath TEXT=".\PortableApps\EverNote Portable" /
StartupBaseFile TEXT=".\PortableApps\EverNote Portable\DataBases\EverNote.enb" /
BackupFilesPath TEXT=".\PortableApps\EverNote\My EverNote Files\Backups" /
ImportFilesPath TEXT=".\PortableApps\EverNote\My EverNote Files\Import" /

--EverNote.enb is the default name for the database. Change it to whatever you called it.

Change my lines with the path you used in the install. Also, encase the lines with <> like the others in the xml file. You should be safe to check "Open last used database upon program start" after you've opened the database and confirmed it's working.

Like I said, these changes seemed to work for me and not break anything too big in the program. It does get confused when you go for a backup/restore so you'll have to choose the destination or source for that.

Hope this helps.

--Edit for better directions / clarity


It can be listed, but a portable version can't be made by
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Hopefully you can include it on your list of support software. Let us know if you have any questions.

I read the OP as requesting it to be put on the list of supported software.


Works good for me...

It does not seem to be writing files to the hard drive. I haven't used it much yet but I will make much use of it during my 2nd semester. I think the guys at EverNote
greatly triumphed for their beta version, as I expected it to leave traces. I recommend it.

EverNote Portable

We would have no problem granting the right to build a version of EverNote for the PortableApps platform on top of the existing object code, but at this time we dont' have any engineering and QA bandwidth to do it on our own.