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Why U3 when portableapps suite works fine?

BenMcLean - January 3, 2007 - 2:56pm
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aargh i'm so mad. i bought a 1GB U3 Datatraveler drive made by a company called "Kingston" and it doesn't work in windows 98SE, so now I have to go through another computer to get files from the internet to my laptop. thus, this drive is fulfilling only /some/ of the purposes for which i bought it

why would anyone ever even *want* this U3 thing when the portableapps suite works fine ???

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Has non open souurce apps

Has non open souurce apps and its suposedly idiot proof.

Why would anyone want

Why would anyone want windows when linux works fine?
Options are always good.

U3 seems to be easier for people who don't know anything about computers. I don't think this will be true for much longer, however.

I just bought two USB flash

I just bought two USB flash drives. They both have U3, which I'd never heard of until I got them. I see no point in having it. I googled this site for U3 and this is one of the threads that came up.

Does anyone have a good reason to use U3?

I see that I can't reinstall it if I remove it ('cause SanDisk is the only company to offer reinstall). Even this doesn't really make me want to keep it.


I got impatient and decided

I got impatient and decided not to wait for a reply, so I just went ahead and uninstalled the U3 software even though I can't now re-install it (even if I wanted to).


U3 is a commercial product

U3 is a commercial product and they offer many commercial programs.

Sure you can get them working on PA but U3 have done all the work.

If you know how to turn a computer on and off then PA is perfect.

But if like many of my users your scared of rebooting and think you need to attend college first then the U3 is for you.

I kid you not, many of the users I support get their knickers in a twist when you ask them to reboot the pc theyve left on for 3 months because it scares them. Many dont know how to boot a pc up, they think your asking the impossible and didnt realise you simply press the power button.

Should work

5. I want to re-install the U3 Launchpad on my smart drive

If you have a SanDisk U3 smart drive, click here to download and reinstall the U3 Launchpad on your drive. If you have a U3 smart drive from another flash drive manufacturer check with U3 support or the U3 smart drive manufacturer support on how to re-install the U3 Launchpad.

U3 FTW!!

hehe i'd buy u3 not for the launchpad but just for the autorun mechanism, but if that's not an option you could always uninstall it...

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