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Virtual CD /DVD

DojoStatic - January 9, 2007 - 7:33pm
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I would like to see a portable app that can mount disk images and create disk images. The program would have to create a virtual CD/DVD Drive and emulate the cd encrypt schemes so that the programs would function properly, ala Alcohol 120% or daemon-tools.

Also the program should be able to make disk images from either a disk or be able to create new ones from files, preferably in the ISO standard

Virtual drives

These softwares do the functions that i would like someone to create a portable app
to do.

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In addition to my above comment

When creating virtual drives,,, Make them a USB CD/DVD drive so you do not have to restart the computer to use the drive, and the drive is simply "Removed" when the program closes

I've already written a

I've already written a launcher for the full version of UltraISO just for my use. If you already have the full version I can show you how to make it portable. You can email me at babichATbabichDOTus.

my ramblings, and some code

virtual CD


You can use the M$ Virtual CD-ROM Control Panel
It's portable in the way that you can copy the installation files wherever you want and it work.

Try it, it's small and good. ^___^

Not possible

Virtual drives require a device driver to be installed, which is an inherently non-portable action (can't install drivers without being an admin).



I don't undestand.

I've installed nothing at all and it work fine.

Basically every virtual

Basically every virtual CD/DVD program out there will install a small device driver automatically, either when it is installed or on first run. There are programs out there that can run from a USB Drive, but on first run they install the driver if it is not installed already.

if you ran the program on the machine once, more than likely the drive is already there, and your program is just using it. But if you try to run it on a machine that has never had the program installed or ran on it, and you do not have admin rights, it will not be able to communicate with the machine as a cd/dvd drive. just like any real hard drive, no drive no drive.

This is just the way it is with these types on low level programs, there is no way of really portabilizing it until we can install drivers with admin rights.

Hope this helps,

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Portable Software: Just the beginning.

Portable Software: Just the beginning.


Is there a way to emulate a cd/dvd like a ramdisk? or even the IO driver? via a plug in setup?