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Portable Lotus Notes?

rever75 - January 10, 2007 - 8:49am
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I am the Systems Admin for my company and would love to be able to create a portable Lotus Notes Client. Is this possible if has one been created but not released? Any info or help on creating one would be great. That the moment I use Thunderbird with IMAP to receive my E-Mail. However, I do not have any access to the databases with Thunderbird. The company NOtes developer is not developing the Databases with Web access compatibility so accessing it via Firefox is not possible. Again any help with this would be great.

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Totally possible. Have you

Totally possible. Have you heared of Nomad (notes on a stick). Lotus Notes 7.0.2 has a special install mode which is designed for removeable storage. It is full lotus notes but cuts out certain databases and templates to make it smaller. it also has a special launcher which modifies the notes.ini so the data directory points to the correct place.

Ive gone one step further in my company and developed a PortableApps launcher for notes so it appears in the menu and can be launched (was a technical nightmare).

Notes on a stick uses about 300mb.

You have any contact details or I can post my MSN, yahoo, Sametime and whatever here if that helps.


Danny, Thanks for the

Thanks for the info you can e-mail me at vieirar @ Any info or help you can provide would be great. I can provide my msn info in an e-mail if you want too.

Thank You,

Thank You,

Lnotes launcher


I would love your portable apps launcher for lnotes if you are willing to share. I have nomad running on my usb drive but would love it working via the launcher


Steven (

Could I get your info?

We are upgrading to Lotus NOtes 7 at my company. I would love to get your portable apps loader, or any details.


AIM: thesimpleone

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PortableApps launch for Notes Nomad Client

Is this information available. I would like to integrate Notes into the PortableApps Menu Launcher.