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Portable Paint.NET

garyozzy - January 8, 2006 - 5:58pm
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it works, but one catch

there must be the .NET 1.1 Framework on the host computer.

anyway around this?

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If it's a .NET app, it needs the .NET runtime. I kinda doubt just dropping the necessary DLLs with it would work either.

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!


Where does it store its configuration settings?

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Config data in

Config data in registry:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00




No I've tried it's

No I've tried it's IMPOSSIBLE to make a .NET app portable without the runtime. There is just no way of copying the DLL's.

note - I messing up a PC trying Smiling


Although I've never tried, you can use Mono to run .NET applications ("mono someapp.exe"). The good thing about this is that it doesn't need to be restarted on installation (unlike .NET). It also can be used on Mac and Linux.

Rob Loach [Website] [Projects]