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tinamay - January 29, 2007 - 3:34pm
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Tried to install Shockwave as described but , after starting installation the program installed to my IE browser on my desktop not to Firefox on my U3 drive , which was plugged in and active at the time. In installation instructions it stated to wait for :
# Run the installation routine and, instead of letting it install to a local browser, select to choose your browser
# Browse to X:\System\Apps\3C9F7B3F-D55C-42cd-8537-B878518B73AF\Exec\firefox (where X is your U3 device's driver letter) and continue with the installation

But I never was asked to choose browser.
I run Firefox from my U3 Thumbdrive.

[Moved to U3 Apps forum by moderator JTH as this is for the proprietary Firefox for U3 instead of Firefox Portable.]

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