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Software that grows its own programming...

Cosmicbrat - February 4, 2007 - 12:21pm
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This "PortableApps" software systems is exactly what my concept bio-PC's will need... PC's worn on the fore-arm as skin grafts, fed by inerts added to the blood...
Mouse and keyboard obsoleted... You just think it in alpha-fringe... Means that the mindless won't be able to make these computers work... And that means that it will very likely create a serious rift in humanity, and warring divisions, by those unable to grasp the intellectual gap expanse, fighting that which made them feel left behind...
If we're lucky, those numbed-out bloodlines will simply fade into oblivion without a fight, but it's doubtful...

These PC's are grown, not built.. Grown like babies in a lab, as well are synthetic replacement organs.. from a "beehive" plastic-matrix, composed of crude oil in combination with inert elemental compounds... I just have a few major glitches to solve, before it can become a reality...

My request is: In building PortableApps Softwares, please keep in mind, "open access to nutrient processing".. and "open cyber-chambers, for the PC to grow it's own softwares in"... Should you notice undefinable gaps in writing portable softwares, make notes that those gaps just might be empty integral segments of this system's OS...

The only foreseeable problem in this technology, is that catching a computer-virus might very well mean ones untimely death... It'll sure give new meanings to: hack-attack", "hit-man", and "trouble-shooting"...

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what??? is it just me, or

what??? is it just me, or does this not make any sense?

no sence

no sence

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Even if we did understand, the technology to produce even a prototype at least 20 years away from becoming mainstream.
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