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Portable Undelete

mish666uk - February 9, 2007 - 5:00am
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Does anyone know of a good portable undelete app, or how to make one from an open source project?

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Depends on what exactly you

Depends on what exactly you mean by undelete.
If you just want a really basic file recovery than no.
If you want something fairly advanced, Easy Recovery Professional works very well portably. But would really need to be run from a portable hard drive rather than a "thumb" drive.


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restoration seems a good

restoration seems a good choice...

Its portable,

isn't it?
(I'm not sure how much portable it is)

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Afaik... it runs fine off a

Afaik... it runs fine off a thumb drive anyway. Think you may need admin priviledges though - if you do, then I think you would have to for any app of this type.


i don't like restoration, just because of it's poor interface.
I use undelete plus instead.

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Check out Recuva

its made by the same people as CCleaner.

Clean interface and works very well. You need to extract the exe using Universal Extractor and its just a single exe file.

I checked it not so long ago

I checked it not so long ago - and it had one important function missing - IIRC it lacked recovering files on removable media. It made it almost useless, but it looked nice, was small and handy. I promissed myself checking it again - i think it will be fully functional soon, but now..I'll wait a bit longer Eye-wink

"Those people who think they know everything are a great annoyance to those of us who do." Asimov

worked for me fine

i used the extractor thing as the guy above said, and just copied the hidden .nsi (wot eva the heck that is) file, and then put that along with the exe in a folder in the portable apps folder, and it worked scanning removable media! =D hope it works for u too!