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Portable Quicktime and realplayer

Bobvark - January 11, 2006 - 11:13am
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Any portable quicktime and realplayer media players?

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VLC is the best media

VLC is the best media player, it's portable, it plays allmost every format, there are some formats that cant be viewed by VLC; *.ram *.amr is the only ones I have had problems with.

Nobody of the resistance

Nobody of the resistance

but the point is that it

but the point is that it will not play anything if proper codecs won't be installed ... any media player will be good if codecs are on the system

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It does not matter if the codecs are installed onto the computer system you happen to use because VLC already has the codecs needed inbuilt into the software.

Which means, if you use the zipped version as your portable media player, you can play any file you like - as long as the player as support for it.

Their features page will show you what media they support.