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EAC (Exact Audio Copy) Portable Launcher

evil baz - March 7, 2007 - 4:13pm
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Well I had been working on this , and after reading some topics, I do the Launcher of this CD ripper, this launcher remove the registry entries EAC do on your PC, just follow the instructions that came along.

Enjoy ^^

EAC Portable Launcher

*Based on 0.9 PAF for PAM compatability

Baz Von Steinitz (EB)

Edited thanks L2L

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Correct Me If I'm Wrong

I think that LAME cannot be packaged with this. If I remember correctly, though LAME itself is a valid license(?), it is a patented technology, and the the original patent holders are enforcing their patents aggressively. I think this is the same reason why Audacity cannot be packaged with LAME.
Jeffrey Wiggs
Loving God and Learning Laughter

Jeffrey Wiggs
Loving God and Learning Laughter

You are totally right I

You are totally right I missed that I will remove Lame from the package, sorry for this, thanks L2L Eye-wink

Edit: it is done.


Hey, haven't seen you around here in a while, good to see you back.

It's kinda scary when my desktop is messier than my room...

I'm always around, just that

I'm always around, just that I had been a little absent to this but I will try to get back to work xD


Couldn't get lame to compress to mp3 files. Got error or fail to compress depending on settings. Found out lame file can't be UPX format.
Also does the lame file drive no have to be changed each time different drive is assigned.


FLAC + AccurateRip

I use EAC with FLAC & AccurateRip on my PC, so I was wondering if it's possible to install FLAC & AccurateRip with your EAC Portable so I can have the same setup on my thumb drive that I have on my PC's? I'm new to this portable apps stuff so I'm kinda lost, I don't know if each program would run properly if I just copied the program files from each program or whether or not they would leave any traces behind. BTW thanks Evil Baz for making EAC Portable.

the advantage of the

the advantage of the portable launcher is that you just have to put your entire folder of EAC on the "app" folder of the portable app (check instructions when you install the app) and that would do the trick, if the FLAC and AR is in a different folder just paste it in the same folder and change the path for them.

I will do a few test and try to check if it works.

I have both CDEX and EAC on

I have both CDEX and EAC on my pen and I have never got EAC to work propery with compressing to mp3, I think it is to do with the working directory bug. So I use CDex which I got from French site. This works great except it defaults to 'Ma Musique' every time it starts. Could you release an English version of CDex please?

Always get your software from it's official site !

The full zip-version (no installer)
or just download the language file, place it in the CDex DIR, restart
and change the language in options ...

I use EAC off my stick and

I use EAC off my stick and it works flawless for me. CDEx is not bad either, but EAC is simply the best ripper out there.

Btw. the author of EAC has released a new version (0.99 PreBeta) which may be worth a try as well as the older EAC 0.95 Beta 3 which offers some extra functionality
(February 21, 2006)

Thanks for the tip (and

Thanks for the tip (and Tanis too ^^) I will do the update as soon as possible, oh and BTW if those guys that are having problem mind to give a more detailed explanation of what is happening I will appreciate because I had it on my external HDD and is working.

Just tried it and this works

Just tried it and this works fine with the mp3 Smiling - How can I make it use CBR instead of VBR for mp3?

Sorted - Found the Lame command line switches, this must have been the problem I had before.

Lame Command Lines

Here is the site where you can find a detailed view of Lame command lines:

Lame Command Lines


Lame path doesn't change the drive letter?

I installed this using the Portbale Apps Suite which makes the EAC App directory:
X:\PortableApps\EAC Portable Launcher\App\EAC (with various drive letters for X of course)

I tried with both "0.99 prebeta 1" and "0.95 beta 4" and put a lame.exe into the same directory, but everytime the drive letter changes, I have to manually change the Lame path drive letter.

Is this
a) because I need to use an older EAC version?
b) because of the different install path caused by the Portable Apss Suite?
c) because the changing of the Lame dir path is not supported by the launcher?
d) because of something else I might have overlooked?

Well this is by far a

Well this is by far a problem that Tanis and I haven't find a solution, we can't make that EAC look for LAME on a relative path (I.E.: /app/EAC/LAME/), EAC has the default option to seek on an absolute path (I.E.: X:\Portable Apps\PortableEAC\app\EAC\LAME)

That is why always you change of computer and the drive letter change you have to input the absolute path of LAME.

We are continuing searching for a solution for this, but I will not be too sure about this...

Regards my friends

NSIS ReplaceInFile


This is what John uses for Firefox and Notepad++ to replace drive letters in some of the settings files. It should work for your purpose.

Thanks for the tip my friend

Thanks for the tip my friend I will analyze this and implement it. ^^

Anything Further

I was looking for a EAC in a portable package. Did this release ever get fine tuned or different release take off? I would really prefer to run EAC instead of CDEX. Thanks

AccurateRip fix?

Any update or fix so that using AccurateRip still makes it portable? Currently using AR leaves the folder in the Application Data folder on the users computer.

BUG: Doesn't update FLAC

Doesn't update FLAC path.

"Those people who think they know everything are a great annoyance to those of us who do." Asimov

+1 interested in an uptodate

+1 interested in an uptodate Launcher for EAC 0.99 prebeta 4

i've only recently become

i've only recently become aware of the awesomeness of the portable apps world and appreciate this site above all i've come across thus far and of every program i include in my toolkit this one is at the top of my need list.. evil baz, thanks for posting this and i haven't tried it yet, i'm about to tho but i'm really interested in this app to be "portable" so is anyone working on this? i mean officially or otherwise? i would so love if e.a.c. would pick it up but i'd mainly like a stable version.

of all the things i've lost, i miss my mind the most.


since the last version, maybe the last few e.a.c. uses an sdf file for it's cddb storage and it stores its database in the user %appdata% directory of the local computer

so after making e.a.c. "portable" it can not use this file so has anyone figured out a work around for this yet?

as for settings i just made a profile but on a down side but not to bothersome it will not load drive configurations for a different drive so you have to go through that on every pc you use it on, this is only needed if you want to make a log file though, i think.

i haven't tried the launcher offered here yet so i apologize if this is already established and covered. my only real need at this point is how i can use my CDDB.sdf file as i have close to one thousand cd's cataloged.

on a semi related note, does anyone know what i can use to view and edit the CDDB.sdf file?

there's a lot of text in it if i open it in notepad that doesn't show in e.a.c. but i would like to get rid of it. text deleted from e.a.c.'s database browser but still in the actual CDDB.sdf file. anyway.. thanks for any help in the matter.

of all the things i've lost, i miss my mind the most.

Have you tried

Have you tried this?

AWESOME, again.

hmm i don't know how i missed this in search but i'm going to try it right now, Thanks prapper.

of all the things i've lost, i miss my mind the most.