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Portable Netscape Browser 8

alexvoda - April 17, 2007 - 1:21pm
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I know that probably no one uses it and it's made by AOL but it is a piece of history and stands in front of MS saying "HA!I am still Alive!".
Netscape 8 is pretty much a modified Firefox so it should be easy.
I know someone made a starter for Songbird which couldn't be ported because of copyright issues.
Same here.So can someone make a starter or do-it-yourself ho-to guide for Netscape 8 Portable edition?

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I would think you could use

I would think you could use the Firefox Portable Launcher.
I haven't tried it but you would have to delete the firefox stuff and replace it with the netscape stuff, then edit the Firefox Portable.ini to point to the netscape.exe

EDIT: Just for S&G I tried it. It seems to work ok although I'm not going to spend a whole lot of time testing.
Download the installer, use universal extractor to extract.
Download Firefox Portable and extract it to a different directory, or make a copy of your existing one.
Delete all the files in the {copy of firefoxportable}\App\firefox} folder
Copy all the files from the extracted $_OUTDIR folder to the {copy of firefoxportable}\App\firefox} folder
Edit the firefoxportable.ini changing firefox.exe to netscape.exe, copy the firefoxportable.ini to the same folder as firefoxportable.exe

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Netscape 8 is not an open source application. It has multiple closed source bits and can't be packaged portably without the express consent of AOL.

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He asked for a launcher or a guide to make it portable. Shouldn`t be any legal isuses.

Netscape Navigator 9

NN9 beta has just been released
it is even more FF alike than NB8
it is even compatible with FF2 Addons.
I belive the guide pretty much remains the same as for NB8.