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Borland Delphi 7 Personal Edition Portable

Force - April 21, 2007 - 8:59am
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Borland Delphi 7 Personal Edition Portable

This programm can create a portable Delphi IDE and also a BartPE-Plugin.

The portable Delphi has all of it's orginal functions.

To create a portable Delphi, Delphi must be installed, you can download it here:

To use Delphi 7 you have to register at

Download Delphi 7 Portable:

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damm i am to slow

The download link for Download Delphi 7 Portable is already removed.

I wanted to try out Delphi 2007. But due the lag of an official portable version there is just those 4 mb big installer. After trying to install, downloading hounder ts of mb temporary(!) the installer told me that there is some file missing and can not proceed.

[Request for illegal software removed by moderator JTH. Asking for illegal software is just as against the forum guidelines as posting it. Please don't let it happen again.]

Thanks in advance.

>[link to illegal software

>[link to illegal software removed by moderator JTH. You can not legally repackage >software without permission from the publisher]

Erm what? My programm does not violate the EULA! Delphi 7 Personal is a free programm and in the portable version are NO files modified, theres only a loader which changes registry values, copies nessecary files and deletes everything after closing...

true but

Only programs that are Open Source are allowed.

free != Open Source

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It *IS* Illegal

It is 100% illegal to redistribute or repackage any software unless you've been given the right to do so. Open source software licenses give you this right. I'm working with several commercial and freeware publishers for the same.

Even if software is free of charge, you can not legally repackage it and redistribute it without permission from the publisher.

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Yes, its illegal to

Yes, its illegal to repackage it and upload it, but if it does not violate the EULA you may write a legal programm which creates a portable version.

I mean, my programm just copies the delphi-folder to another folder - why should this be illegal?

I think he deserves an

I think he deserves an answer.

Force could you post please the source of your program? If we compile it ourself it should be pretty much legal as long you said it doesn`t include any third party rights.


Force I like the idea of what you did id love to see it if you emailed it to me but
Rules are Rules and it is his forum and he is legaly responsible for everything posted and can't take that risk. So id have to say I see his point and cant blame him one bit.


You can post a link to a tutorial on how-to.

You CANNOT modify and/or redistribute ANY software that prohibits this.

If you are including Delphi in your distribution then that is the illegal part.

It is not illegal to post a launcher and have people download their own version of Borland Delphi.

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The Kazoo Spartan

Life is about the journey not the destination!

The Kazoo Spartan

>> It is not illegal to post

>> It is not illegal to post a launcher and have people download their own version of >> Borland Delphi.

Yes, that's what I was talking about! It's just a launcher, why should this illegal?

Including Delphi

You CANNOT include the actual program in your package. I think you might be OK. John is the ultimate decision maker on this here though.

You might want to remove that link until he says it is OK.

Life is about the journey not the destination!

My site * My Blog

The Kazoo Spartan

Life is about the journey not the destination!

The Kazoo Spartan

Thought it was included

When I originally removed the link, I thought it was included as someone posted something similar on warez sites recently with it included. So, my apologies for the assumption.

However, it's still being posted as a binary only, so you can't announce or promote it here unless you also release the source under an OSI-approved license.

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

download delphi 7 free

hi you can download delphi 7 for free :
[Link removed, believed illegal - mod Chris]

so nice boy

Worked Portable Delphi

I find worked portable delphi!
It's [link to illegal software removed by mod JTH]

oops, sorry I forgot to post

oops, sorry I forgot to post the Source Eye-wink


7.2 is also out there and delphi 2005 personal and turbo delphi all for free


does your app work with delphi 7 secound edition?
PortableApps\Delphi7SE\Bin\delphi32.exe is the launch

So what the final analysis

So how to I get delphi? I've modified a few gnu files, but they don't change the exe, so I think I need to recompile it. >right?< So, How do I get ahold of portable delphi?

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May I suggest replacing the link to with the following:
No longer exists.
Borland no longer host Delphi 7 Personal. Eye-wink

It will be done when it's done.


whenever I try to register for delphi 7 personal, after clicking continue, I get a "page not found" error! Did anyone else get this? Never mind. got it. Smiling

What's the difference

What's the difference between Delphi 7 Personal and Turbo Delphi?

Also, where's a good place to start learning Delphi? This would be my first real programming language, if you don't count NSIS and AutoIt3.

I would suppose

that they are diff versions of Delphi.
I can hardly AHK still Sad.

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Marco Cantu's site

Search Google for Marco Cantu, the author of books called "Mastering Delphi X" where X is the version of Delphi.
His site is full of good stuff, including free e-books for those who aren't yet ready to start mastering Delphi. Smiling

Portable version creation & Installation of new components

I've noticed one problem, when I create portable version of Delphi 7, which is setup as Custom version. If I didn't install some components (like Microsoft Office components), then during portable version creation, I am getting the error that according file can not be found. But then each time when I start portable application, I am getting error that this file not found! Better to take into consideration that installation can be not full.

And, I have a question about installation of new components into portable version of Delphi. How should I install Indy 10 for ex.? Should I install it and only then create portable version?
I've tried to install Indy 10 into Portable version, but after Delphi start all components disappear. Probably, program shouldn't delete settings from register after Delphi closure?

DelphiPortable.exe Reported as Trojan

I've just attempted to download DelphiPortable.rar and had Avast report DelphiPortable.exe as a Trojan. (Virus Database Updated as of today)

Is anyone else able to confirm or deny this?


Have You Considered Lazarus Instead?

Have you considered Lazarus (an Open Source Delphi clone) which is linked in one of the forums? There have been several attempts at a portable version, with the most recent effort working extremely well. The earlier attempts may also be good, I just haven't tried them. Lazarus is not a perfect facsimile of Delphi, but it is very, very close to the real thing. IMHO, it is worth trying - you may find it does the job.



That's Malware

That file seems to be a Trojan.
for a report on the page VirusTotal.

No, it isn't!

The file isn't a Trojan.
I've used it myself and it doesn't do anything harmful.
Besides 10 of the 22 positive results of the Virustotal-check are heuristic results because (according to 6 other results) the file is packed with some packer that is also used by malware to hide its signature.