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world of warcraft

ubergeek - April 26, 2007 - 9:37am
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it's probably illegal but i would love to see world of warcraft portable

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See Halo here:

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Hey! I actually got it! Now can I remeber how to do it.......

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Too many bridges you can burn
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Actually, Wikipedia has an

Actually, Wikipedia has an article on this. Just scroll down to "World of Warcraft" and there are the instructions to making the game portable.

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I doubt it is illegal to make the client portable, seeing as they offer a link to download it on their own site. Anyway, it is really easy to copy it onto your drive. I am using a WD Passport 80G drive (they are small, fast, and USB powered) and have simply copied the install out of the program files folder. Make sure you delete the patch files out of the folder on the drive, unless you just love to waste space. I have built a launcher program so that you only get 1 icon on the menu, so if anyone is interested, post a reply and ill put it up. (and note, it is just the launcher, I didn't even include a splash-screen, the program was acting screwy and i was lucky to get the launcher to run the program. And to the admins, I am sure this is completely legal, if you wish, I can even try to get a reply back from blizzard with permission) And if anybody knows why the install maker that everybody uses for launchers here will no longer do splash screens, let me know, cause I got a dang cool one goin Smiling (I borrowed the code for the sudoku launcher, and even unmodified, it would not work)

How to get it to work

I posted a link to instructions at the bottom of this thread. For easier reference, just check out:


post it please!!! i wanna

post it please!!! i wanna play it wherever i go lol

Here's how to do it. First,

Here's how to do it.

First, install the game onto the internal harddrive of whatever machine you're using at the time. If you want to be cross-platform, install on both a PC and a Mac.

Next, attach your iPod to your computer and open it up. Make a folder to contain the game. I called mine "Applications". Now, if you're on a PC, copy over C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft into the folder you just created on the iPod. A Mac user would follow the same basic procedure, but copying over /Applications/World of Warcraft instead.

To be cross platform, you need to have binaries for both Mac and Windows in the same folder. If the second machine is a PC, you need to copy over all of the EXE and DLL files into the World of Warcraft folder on your iPod. Conversely, if you're on a Mac you need to copy all of the .app files.

Now, on your Windows machine, you might need to delete the Blizzard registry key. To do this, run regedit.exe, navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE and delete the key Blizzard Entertainment. The first time you run WoW from your iPod, it will recreate this key and point it toward the mobile install.

Now, to run your mobile install, attach your iPod to any machine, Windows or Mac. Navigate to the Applications folder on the iPod and launch either World of on a Mac or WoW.exe on a PC.

The problem with this method

The problem with this method is that your thumbdrive's drive letter changes depending on which computer it's attached to. Therefore the registry key will be looking to the wrong directory when it patches or looks for files.

To get around this make a bat file which creates registry entries based on a dynamic drive variable, it's commonly used here as: %getdrv_%. Once created the registry key will be merged silently with the host computer.

I like to leave the command line running in the background so I can prompt myself when done to clean out the keys I set from the registry. Don't need to be leaving keys everywhere I game Eye-wink

Lastly, you'll need a solution to launch the Batch file from PAM, I like to use a flash movie that just execs the bat file and quits. Save the flash movie as a projector (exe) and Reshack it with the correct icon and program name to reflect WoW.

Less is more

If it works

Might as well package it up and post it here, eh eh.

If you want to be complete, compile a C++/NSIS program to clean the registry for you (: Use your batch file to call it after WoW returns.

I wish I could program.

I wish I could program. Maybe a future project Sticking out tongue

I can do actionscript, so I just went back to what I know, flash, to get the results I wanted, no matter how cheesy they are. I can post the projector, it just looks for a file called portable.bat in the same directory as itself. You can Reshack it to look how you want for PAM.

Less is more

A possible fix...

quote: The problem with this method is that your thumbdrive's drive letter changes depending on which computer it's attached to. Therefore the registry key will be looking to the wrong directory when it patches or looks for files. (x999x)

Another fix for this is one I do. If you are going to use computers that you have admin privileges for... you can set both (or all) computers to set that thumb drive to the same drive letter every time you put it in. That's what I do for my iPod (X: drive), External Drive (Y: drive), and thumb drive (Z: drive).

How to do it with WinXP:

(with drive plugged in)
>Start>Control Panel>Administrative Tools>Computer Management>Storage>Disk Management

Right click on the drive you want and hit "Change Drive Letters and Paths."

Change it to the drive you want it to always be.

While this isn't really "portable," it's a simple fix for a common problem that portable apps have. If you don't have admin priv, then you'll have to try an alternative solution Smiling

Erm...READ THIS...

Actually, I've kept WoW in my 1TB personal external hard disk that I downloaded it using its installer... It takes 15GB++ of spaces... What I need to do is keep it updated... The rest of it is all your choice... Using some private server can make life better... =)

Adha Ursa

Dear admin, I would like to request permission to...

Dear admin, I would like to request permission to create a launcher and installation package for World of Warcraft.

I am sending an email to Blizzard asking what info I need to know to do it.

they will say no

that have done so on other games. Sad

I doubt it, for the following reasons

Are the games your are talking about ones that can be played offline and without having to log into a paid account?
If so, then the following are reasons why you could be wrong about their response on a portable World of Warcraft

1) You have to log into a paid account each time you play
2) Paid status is verified each time you log in
3) Account is not required to install and run client
4) The client is free

Because of these, they probably will say yes and support me.

No, they won't

Blizzard have no interest whatsoever in creating an client that has been modified by a third party.

At best, it is just an additional support problem for them, since any changes made in how it operates could affect the stability of the client, and thus cause people in-game problems, which they will of course phone Blizzard and moan about (or, given that this is Warcraft, they'd all QQ on the forums).

At worst, it would come under the 3rd party modifications to the client clause in the terms of service, which is sufficient cause for an immediate and permanent ban from the game and termination of your account(s).

They have quite enough players, and contrary to what people might assume, they have no benefit from making it easier for them to play. The less time those people spend playing, the happier Blizzard are, since the monthly fee is the same whether you play 1 hour a week from home, or 5 hours a day from school, but the latter causes a lot more server load, which they then have to pay for.


Your optimism is to be applauded. Smiling

Sadly misguided, but to be applauded never-the-less.

some one has modded a blizzard game before

several times. there was a 3rd party addon for Diablo (the original) by the distributor of Blizzards games at that time (Sierra). it flopped big time and is now difficult to find let alone install it and have it work stably.

There was a modded version of Warcraft2 that came out but it dissapeared so quickly that there is little or no trace of it on the web.

i also applaud your enthusiasim but it is misguided. please take off the rose tinted glasses and try seeing it through the EULA eyes of blizzard. what you'd be doing violates the EULA. They are very persnickity about that.

also its not just about a battlenet account. thats portable, but the physical game comes with a unique key which is in turn keyed to one computer and hardware. they track this and will ban people who use the same program on multiple computer as it could be seen as a way of cheating. yes i know this is weird and confusing but it is what a large gaming corporation would view it as.

lol, world of warcraft is

lol, world of warcraft is portable, only copy the folder World of Warcraft on your usb and you can play it, but from usb it will be very slow

for example, i don't have any install dvd, only this folder is written on dvd-s, because the "install" is faster in this case, and patches are installed too