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WinAVI - Portable

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harleyhav - May 14, 2007 - 4:59pm
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God idea?

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For those of us

who don't know what you're talking about:
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isnt it...

a codec pac for Windows Media Player? cause i looked up dvd decoders and WinAVI came up. or is it a media player?......hmmmm.


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"WinAVI Video Converter is software for video conversion. By using our product, users are released from the limitations and difficulties of video formats. It can support almost all formats of video including AVI, MPEG1/2/4, VCD/SVCD/DVD, DivX, XVid, ASF, WMV, RM, QuickTime MOV, Flash SWF. Also, it allows you to burn to VCD/SVCD/DVD. A powerful AV compress engine can complete a whole AVI movie conversion and burn it to DVD just in 1 hour. You can enjoy the film with your home & PC DVD Player."

There is a free download version in zip format, but I'm not sure how "portable" it is. If it can be unzipped and copied to a folder on your USB drive, create a shortcut to it.


you are sounding like a spammer to me with the whole "By using our prouduct..." thing.

second is if you have a movie you want to burn onto disk, as long as it is in .AVI format, a simple right click on the file and send to your burner will suffice. not to mention the fact that you dont need DVD disks because any movie under 3 hours will fit on cd and the fact that you dont need burning software. the .AVI movie wil be recognised as a cd and pop up as a menu>select movie track>play on most dvd players and a windows media clip in a pc with windows. you dont need special software, just windows components.

also, divix player is free and also standard on most DVD players.

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I simply pasted the link

I simply pasted the link and quoted the description from the web site as a response to "what is it?" nothing more sinister to it.

Other than that, your suggestions on using standard Windows components are interesting.


i was just saying cuz ya didnt say it was a quote before so i thought you were trying to premote a product or something.

just making shure. sounds like a fairly good idea thogh.


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