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HijackThis Portable

kars85 - May 23, 2007 - 12:10pm
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First off, this is an awesome site. I had no idea this existed, but will sure spread the word throughout my fellow IT buddies here at work.

Has HijackThis ever been made portable? It's a single exe, and know that it's been acquired by Trend Micro, but was wondering if it was still able to be ported to a portable form.


P.S. Is there a tutorial someone could link on creating portable programs?

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I'm not sure about HijackThis.

Sure, it's great application, but isn't it designed to stay on one PC and monitor all changes made?

Idk, I'm just a computer "user"

Anyways, if it's a tutorial you want, an tutorial you shall receive:

And now to cover my arse:

(Please note: I do not take any responsibility for this tutorial. I found it on the web, downloaded it, and forgot about it. When Kars85 asked about it, he jogged my memory, so I uploaded it to a freewebs account for him and others to access. It is not my intellectual property, nor am I distributing it with intent to profit from said distribution)

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it's portable but not stealth. Writes settings to the registry.

It's just about the most useful anti spyware tool around.

sysinternal's(now owned by m$) process-explorer and killbox by ??.. both portable and free sit in the same folder on my thumb drive. great trinity of spyware removal tools.

hijackthis was built by a regular joe i think, but trend bought it and i'm guessing it will get less portable and worked into some costly package. still free for now. get it while you can.

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I don't know what it means for an app to be
"stealthy" so I would just like someone to reply with a Yes or No answer to this question: Is HijackThis able to be ran off of my USB drive and still work just as effectively as if I has it running from the computers hard drive?



Thank you

Thank you Smiling