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Portable Photoshop?

pyoung09259 - January 30, 2006 - 2:50pm
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I tried to just copy & paste all the files to my USB drive, but that didn't work. I though I had read that there would be a tutorial released on how to create a portable app? This is a legal version of Photoshop, and the way I interpret the user agreement is that I can only install in one place, so if I install to my USB drive, I don't violate anything.


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Do a google search for

Do a google search for pscomp.bat.

As always, consult a lawyer before taking any actions in life.

"Do a google search for

Thanks, those instructions seem a little complex, but I'm sure I can get it running.

I will update.


Portable Apps Own

Not Free

Unfortunately Photoshop is neither free or open source so you won't see a Portable Apps version of it. John was working on portable version of GIMP though.

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