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Firefox Portable not starting

kawayanan - July 12, 2007 - 8:19am
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I have used Firefox Portable for a while (on a usb drive and in a truecrypt volume. Suddenly a few days ago, they stopped working. When I try to start them, nothing happens (no splash screen, nothing comes up). No error messages come up. If I look at task manager however, Firefox Portable is there and taking all the cpu it can (usually 98 or 99%). If I wait, nothing happens (its not just slow starting). I have to kill it or it just goes on forever. This is on WinXP, with all updates (who knows, the updates may have killed it - I can't think of any other changes). I have reinstalled, and tried also running off the hard drive with the exact results.

Any ideas whats going wrong?

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No thoughts? Well I have

No thoughts? Well I have some more things to mull over after I did some more testing.

I tried it out an my desktop at home (also WinXP Pro, fully updated). I have the same problem there. The program never starts, but take as much CPU as possible (98-99%). No error messages.

I wanted to see if I could see any error messages, so I decided to try starting the program from the command prompt. I previously had tried to run it by double clicking the icon (or a shortcut). Strangely,, on both computers FirefoxPortable runs perfectly fine if I start it from the command prompt. Any ideas why it might run fine from the command prompt but not normally?

What did you run

from the command prompt?
Do you have important info in your copy???
Otherwise, download a fresh copy, unpack it into some new place (NOT overwriting any old copy of Firefox Portable). If you have to, import the old bookmarks.
Should be fine...
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From the command prompt I

From the command prompt I actually went to the directory and launched it from there.

I have tried multiple clean installs in multiple different places with the same problem.

I still have no idea whats causing it.