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Portable Google Talk

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Rob Loach
(Homepage) - February 8, 2006 - 2:25am
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Portable Google Talk will no longer be supported or hosted. Please use Pidgin Portable or the online interface instead. I don't have a copy of it, so sorry for any inconvenience.

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GTalk writes settings to the registry.
Does this change that, and if so, how?
R McCue

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Yup, Google Talk saves all of its settings in the registry. Portable Google Talk wraps these registry entrees by saving and loading them from your settings directory on your USB drive.

When you run Portable Google Talk, it loads the keys from your settings directory into the registry and then runs the application. When you're done using Google Talk, it extracts the new registry items from the registry and saves them to your settings directory. This effectively maintains your profile and all your Google Talk settings.

Another thing is does is that when it's done saving the items, it deletes the Google Talk registry items leaving no trace that you used Google Talk on the system. This is very good when you want to use Google Talk, but don't want anyone else logging into with your username on that system just by running googletalk.exe.

Along with all of the other solutions, the source is provided within the zip file. Feel free to take a look.

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It still tries to put itself in the startup registry. I blocked it, but that is a problem.



When it's done executing, it deletes all of the Google Talk registry items, including "run at startup" setting. I don't know if it sets it elsewhere as well though. Do you know the exact key location of this extra key?

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Haven't tested it yet, but

Haven't tested it yet, but interesting idea.

If you go to start > run > msconfig.exe, you will get a list of startup items, and on the rightmost column, the location of the reference to them. The registry entries in the list are where all startup items are kept in the Registry -- that should help. Sorry, I'm on a public computer now, so I can't help any further...

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Problem Fixed..... Hopefuly

After some hunting around, I found the entree to auto start it when Windows is ran. Now whenever you exit Portable Google Talk, it automatically clears it from the Windows startup items. This should work.

Download Portable GoogleTalk - v0.2

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I just saw when Microsoft AntiSpyware popped up asking me if I wanted to allow or block this new startup regisry entry.


Amazing stuff !!

Hello !

Amazing stuff !! i luv' it ... Smiling

By the way, is it possible to prevent googletalk from trying to update itself?


There is only one problem,

There is only one problem, it leaves an entry in the registry. called Google, it is not deleted.

I'm Christ and that is good so.


You guys could just wait for Google to intergrate Talk into Gmail. Then you will be able to get to it anywhere that you can log into Gmail.


One Google Registry Entry

I decided to leave the Google registry folder in tact because there are other Google products that write their settings to that folder (Google Earth, Google Desktop, etc). Portable Google Talk doesn't want to mess with your system Eye-wink.

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You can also use your Google

You can also use your Google Talk account with Portable GAIM... See for more info.

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SMF - simple, powerful, free - what more could you want from a forum system?

SMF - simple, powerful, free

SMF - simple, powerful, free - what more could you want from a forum system?

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Could something about Google Talk be posted on the front page, so this topic stops cluttering up the boards?

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with the next release, please dont UPX the NSIS launcher. it corrupts it and you have to launch it with a command line switch.

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