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Portable Remote Desktop client?

Anonymous - February 15, 2006 - 1:13pm
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I did some google searches on this one, but was unable to find anything.

Has anyone out there ever heard of a fully portable Remote Desktop client for Windows? I've seen people having settings files, but this would be for use at a public terminal like a library or transit area where the machines are heavily locked down.



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I'm not clear how portable it is, but after copying mstsc.exe and mstscax.dll from a winXP machine I can run them happily on win2k. I can't remember which folder I got them from, as I did it via a search - but probably windows/system32 or something.

I used to run those files

I used to run those files from floppy disk when I was running WinXP at home. It worked fine on the locked down lab computers at school.

Good But,

It leaves Registry and files behind on the client computer. some one could easily trace your steps, and guess at the password to get in to your pc.

the File is hidden and is %USERPROFILE%\MY Documents\Default.rdp

The Registry Entries vary, by what your connection settings were, but they are in
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Terminal Server Client\
just look for the host name you connected to in the folders under this one and delete them.

Then you are right as rain.

isn't TightVNC portable ?

isn't TightVNC portable ?

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VNC clients can be portable, bt tht doesn't mean they'll connect to a Microsoft "Remote Desktop"-enabled server. AKA Terminal Servies.

indeed it won't work with MS

indeed it won't work with MS RD .. but I haven't heard about any 3rd party tools able to connect to it's RemoteDesktop
I used TightVNC ... it's great, you even do not need a client part since you can configure to control server computer via Java module ^_^

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You can also use rdp threw the web you just have to install iis and the right options then it works from just about anywhere.

ChrisControl RDP+VNC

I recently found ChrisControl:

It feature RDP, VNC (+server) and Wake-On-LAN. Wroks nicely.

Just open Notepad, and save

Just open Notepad, and save an empty text file as (including the quotes) "remote.rdp". This file will open up the Remote Desktop client connection window.

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Heh... of course that would only work if it was installed. Not all machines have remote desktop installed by default.