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Portable Eclipse?

(Homepage) - February 17, 2006 - 3:19pm
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This is just a thought, but...

Eclipse could be made portable, with references to a JRE-on-a-stick, could it not? Then we could package a version for download with a launcher, and include the NSIS IDE for Eclipse

What do you think?


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Done it...

I've done that already. I actually didn't need to install JRE since it was on my computer, and I think that most computers pretty much have it by now. I just installed straight to the Flash Drive.

I dunno, Jagerkatze, I think

I dunno, Jagerkatze, I think nm35 has a good idea. In my circle, it does seem to be rare, but I have encountered a few (weird) computers nith no, or outdated Java. Anyways, unless one is strapped for space, it couldn't hurt, right? Smiling

Have jre1.5 and eclipse on

Have jre1.5 and eclipse on my usb key and it works like a breeze...


Can anyone post the steps they took to get it working?

Rob Loach [Website] [Projects]

Correct me if I'm wrong, but

Correct me if I'm wrong, but can't you just dump the JRE into the eclipse/ folder or something?

Some OOo features use JRE -- did JH figure out how to make that JRE portable, or is it just left out?

~nm35 {blog} {projects} {standalone apps}

Restricted functions in OOo because of missing JRE

No, it is left out (for now).

Cya Ryushi

Copy JRE from your host disk

Copy JRE from your host disk to USB, copy Eclipse on your USB, run Eclipse, go to preference, tell Ecplipse to use the JRE on your USB, close it, done.
Run it from the JRE on your usb (I use a .bat, T: is my usb disk):


You should use the JDK...

Jep, this topic is old, but I recently deal with it, so who cares?
The steps for a portablEclipse aren't that hard:

  1. get Eclipse and extract it to your portable drive
  2. install a JDK on your or any other PC (I really mean the Java Development Kit, not the JRE - anyway, both should work).
    The default installation path should be something like "C:\Programs\Java", containing a folder named "jdk1.5.0_xx"
  3. create a subfolder "JDKs" in your eclipse folder (depending on your drive letter and extraction path this should look like P:\someFolders\eclipse\JDKs
  4. copy the jdk1.5.0_xx folder into the JDKs folder. (like P:\someFolders\eclipse\JDKs\jdk1.5.0_xx)
  5. edit the file "P:\someFolders\eclipse\eclipse.ini" to

    (replace "jdk1.5.0_xx" with the actual folder name)
    This is more elegant than using a batch file due to being independent from drive letters and path variables.

  6. go to a pc with OR WITHOUT java installed. Connect your portable drive and run "P:\someFolders\eclipse\eclipse.exe"
  7. when asked for a workspace location, you can enter ".\workspace", which will create a workspace in your eclipse folder (like "P:\someFolders\eclipse\workspace\")
  8. do javanese Eye-wink

I tested this under winXP home with Eclipse 3.1.2 and JDK 1.5.0_08 and it simply... works!


Thank you Agel

You instructions helped me to get it working portably.

I use Eclipse 3.1.2 and j2sdk1.4.2_06 on a USB HDD.

Could not get it to work with Eclipse 3.0 as it did not have an eclipse.ini file.


Projects in different directories

I have Eclipse running on my thumb drive, but when I create a project using the "Create project from existing source" option, it won't work if I change computers where the drive letter is different. Anyone know of a way to fix this?


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Drive Letter Workaround

As the Subject says, it is more of a workaround than actually a solution. To really solve this, you would have to add a "use relative paths" option to Eclipse, which I imho really miss.

Create a batch file containing

@echo off
subst %~d0 V:\

and save it to your Portable. The SUBST command is designed to substitute something like "C:\MyLotsOfFolders\OneOfThem\ThisOne\IMeanThis\" to a new drive letter like "V:\".

The %~d0 in the batch expands to the drive letter of the full path name of the batch.

Executing this batch should then create a new Drive Letter V containing all the Data of your Portable. When creating projects, just save them in V:\MyProjectBlah\ instead of P:\MyProjectBlah\ (where P:\ shall be the drive letter Windows 'knew' you were about to choose when plugging in the device Eye-wink)

before removing the Portable you should run (maybe in a batch?)

subst V: /D

which drops the substitution for drive letter V:\

I haven't tried all that, but I hope that helps you out. Post a feedback!

By the way: This should generally solve the problem of changing drive letters except for the fact that your desired drive letter (V:\ in example) might already be in use. "B:\" should work on most computers.

at least 3.2 as an eclipse.ini file

Well, I'm using Eclipse 3.2 (Yoxos Distro) and Java 1.6.0 and here's how I've done:
1) Had a working eclipse installation in my local hard drive
2) Copied the 'eclipse' directory to my desktop (lets call it %DESKTOP%)
3) Copied 'C:\Programs\Java\JDK1.6.0\jre\' to '%DESKTOP%\eclipse\'
4) Edited the file %DESKTOP\eclise\eclipse.ini and added the line:
-vm .\jre\bin\javaw
5) Renamed the original workspace directory just to have eclipse ask me where my workspace will be...
6) Launched '%DESKTOP%\eclipse.exe'
7) When prompted, I entered '.\workspace' for the workspace directory and checked 'Use this as default and do not ask again'
Cool That's it. To test this portable eclipse installation just move it around and verify that it still works... even in computers with no JVM.

PS: The fun comes when you install the subeclipse plugin and can checkout/commit your code on the run. Nice!

Space for Eclipse

How much space does this setup require? I think the download for Eclipse is at least 30MB by itself.

Somewhere there is a village missing an idiot.

Somewhere there is a village missing an idiot.

Eclipse requires more than

Eclipse requires more than 100MB by itself, and the JDK requires about 40, IIRC.


Why JDK?

Why should one use use the JDK if the JRE will work and is a lot smaller in size? Are there any functions which would be restricted? Please enlighten me.




I never heard of this app.
Can anyone post the function that this proggy performs?

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Functions More Like

[A]n open development platform comprised of extensible frameworks, tools and runtimes for building, deploying and managing software across the lifecycle.
Basically it is many things. I use it for a python and Java IDE. Check it out on the web at

Jeffrey Wiggs
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Jeffrey Wiggs
Loving God and Learning Laughter

Needs to be compacted, Eclipse way too bloated

i put it on my stick, sure it works, but it's so darn bloated!! Is there any way to remove unnessesary or unused features to make a smaller portable eclipse?

You can use an UPX GUI like

You can use an UPX GUI like UPX Shell ( So you can compress the most files.

Which ones?

Some Executables don't like being 'UPXed'. Do the java executables all accept 'UPXing'?