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Gimp not responding while loading fonts

beetleguise - October 15, 2007 - 11:59am
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I have been trying to use gimp portable on my lap top, I am running win. Vista home premium pkg. I need to know if anyone knows how to prevent this or get it to run.
If there is a way to get it to work perfectly without removing anything that would be great, if not just direct me through wut I must do. Thanks

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GIMP is *extremely* slow to parse fonts if there are more than a handful installed. And it looks on the local PC to parse them (no way to change that without a full recompile). So, if you run on a PC with a lot of fonts, it's gonna take a while to start.

You could start with the --no-fonts command line switch which will skip font parsing, but then you won't be able to use the text tool. You can add this to the GIMPPortable.ini file (AdditionalParameters=--no-fonts) and place it next to GIMPPortable.exe. Full details are in the GIMPPortable/Other/GIMPPortableSource directory's readme.txt.

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