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Winamp Portable

ladearden - October 16, 2007 - 10:40am
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Any chance of getting a Winamp Portable?

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Fairly Portable As Is

WinAmp is pretty much portable as is, see Here

"Because they stand on a wall and say, 'Nothing is going to hurt you tonight. Not on my watch.'" (A Few Good Men)
Coincidence is God's way of remaining anonymous.(Albert Einstein)


Yea it is

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wow I didn't realize I hadn't been in a chat room in such a long time.
what is LMAS?

lol, never mind I see you changed it.

"Because they stand on a wall and say, 'Nothing is going to hurt you tonight. Not on my watch.'" (A Few Good Men)
Coincidence is God's way of remaining anonymous.(Albert Einstein)

sorry my mistake.

sorry my mistake.

Never curse the alligator till you done cross the bridge. Eye-wink


Lying Monkeys Are Silly?

Please Make TiLP Portable


They are not! Sad



Quickie instructions for installing you own copy of 5.5 onto usb

Uncheck "Sonic Ripping/Burning Engine" and Gracenote "CDDB for recognizing CD's" in the Installer Options.

You'd probably also need to uncheck any other Gracenote features, such as Playlist Generator and Auto-Tagger (under the Media Library section), because installing any of those will register Gracenote DLL's into the registry.

Uncheck any other features/plugins you don't require.

Uncheck everything on the "Get the Most Out of Winamp" page
(Winamp Remote, Winamp Toolbar, Emusic Offer)

When the first part of the installer gets to the "Installation Complete" page, uncheck "Launch Winamp when the installer closes", then click Finish.

This will prevent Setup (followed by Winamp itself) from running.

Then go to the Winamp folder on your usb drive and do the following:

1) Delete paths.ini

This will prevent Winamp from trying to save settings in the %AppData%\Winamp folder, so it will save settings to the USB drive (installation dir) instead.

2) Open winamp.ini in Notepad

Change these lines in the [WinampReg] section:

From: NeedReg=1
To: NeedReg=0

From: IsFirstInst=1
To: IsFirstInst=0

Edit the following line in the [Winamp] section

From: no_registry=0
To: no_registry=1

This will prevent Winamp from ever trying to write to the Windows Registry.

Save winamp.ini

And you should be all set to go Smiling

One Registry Entry

This works great except for the fact that it creates one registry entry. This entry is created everytime winamp is run (HKLM\SOFTWARE\Nullsoft). I'm almost positive that the entry is created to check for the Pro registration. Somebody should create a wrapper for winamp that will backup this entry and delete it when winamp is closed. That way you could take your Pro registration (if you have it) with you on every computer. If I knew anything about programming I would gladly do this, but unfortunately I don't.

Is it not created by the

Is it not created by the installer?

I think you're right. If

I think you're right. If you delete the entries manually they come back every time you run Winamp. That's why I was thinking a wrapper, like the one used for portable soulseek, would be a good fit for a portable version of winamp.


Have you tried XMplay? and portable

Slackware 12 for system
MCP (For XP and Server 2003)
Network + Certified
aim is "nycjv321" (minus quotes)

Private use.

I am guessing you only want this for private use since Winamp is not GPL compatible.

Yeah, I actually made a

Yeah, I actually made a launcher for it. It works perfect from a usb drive now, the only thing that doesn't really work is the media library because it uses absolute paths. Other than that, I'm good.

Winamp Media Library

I have Windows Xp Pro, Winamp 5.531, and 500 GB external HD.
I store my music folder under my portable drive as follows, "F:\My Documents\Music". Winamp's is stored in "F:\PortableApps\WinampPortable\App\winamp". In order for Winamp to find my music folder on the external drive even if the drive's letter changes from F: to G: on a different PC, my setup for the Media Library is as follows.

Hit Crtl + P to open the options panel.
Click on Local Media then on the Watch Folder Tab.
Add new folder, click on any folder it doesn't matter which folder you use.
Once on the list double click that folder.
For my setup I typed \My Documents\Music on the Folder input box.
Checked the Add Subfolders and Read file Metadata boxes.
Selected the Smart detection mode dot and clicked the OK button.
Checked the Rescan at startup, Automatically, and Rescan every 15 minutes boxes.
Click on Rescan and Presto! It finds all my music.

To find music store on other PCs not own by you might take some playing around with this technique but I'm sure it's possible to do.

The one thing I haven't been able to figure out is how to setup the CDDB dll to run from the external HD since it requires the registry, even though I have a TXT file showing all the changes Winamp does to your registry.

Quick Fix

So you set this up once and it finds your music no matter what your drive letter changes to? The only problem with this is if you have a huge music library that you carry with you. It would take winamp a few minutes to rescan your library at start up. I'm trying to figure out a way to change the drive letters in the database, but I haven't figured out a way to open the db files. Apparently they're a Nullsoft proprietary format. It looks like this will work for a quick fix until I can figure out how to edit the db.

Use subst.exe

Every time you get to a new computer you open a cmd prompt (Start -> run -> cmd [Enter])

Then you issue the command:

subst W: G:\path\to\my\music

Now you tell WinAmp that your music is in W:\ (which is a substituted name for G:\path\to\my\music).

Before leaving that computer, but after closing WinAmp say:

subst /d W:

to undo the substitution.

If the next time your pendrive is, say, F: you say:

subst W: F:\path\to\my\music

and WinAmp will still find your music in W:\

Personally, I always map my complete PortableApps volume to B: which would only conflict with a 5 1/4 inch floppy bay... unlikely Eye-wink