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Portable AntiVirus

Anonymous - December 9, 2005 - 8:14am
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For Windows users, this is essential - a portable antivirus + antispyware program.

There are a few free antivirus programs, like AVG ( and ClamWin (, but they're not packaged for portable use.

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Ad-Aware SE Personal

Ad-Aware SE Personal can already be installed on a portable drive and is only 2.6mb when installed with the latest definitions. It can even be further compacted to 2.48mb. You can simply install it on your computer, then copy the program folder to your portable drive, or install it directly on your drive. Here is the version I modified for my flash drive, if you care to take a gander.

This is true, but adaware is

This is true, but adaware is not an antivirus.

Portable applications 


AntiVir work perfectly

AntiVir work perfectly portable, just unzip the setuppackage to a directory and run AVWIN.EXE.

You may also want thoses specialised scanner:
Stinger (McAfee)
avast! Virus Cleaner

AntiVir no longer portable with new 7.0 release

I am checking some more, but ever since going to the free version of AntiVir 7 that was just released, it appears that it is no longer portable. Anyone else notice this?


Wait... Antivir Personal Edition IS portable, right?

Wouldn't it get kind of

Wouldn't it get kind of large with all the updates? Correct me if I'm wrong - I don't know at all.

Antivir directory is taking

Antivir directory is taking 22meg installed, But I guest you could clean some stuff like help file if you want it smaller.

Or simplify your life with....

You can easily download the superdat update files from McAfee. Extract and run them from the command line. Works fine and quite small... but it is command line, and most people hate that! There are a few scripts out there that do this all automatically... download, extract, run and cleanup.

Keep up the good postings!


Ever used USB "downunder"?


Whoever revived a year old topic, please don't do it again... Also there Is ClamWin portable already (which is even on this site.)


When this was originally posted, there were about 3 apps on the site Laughing out loud
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