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Installation on KIngston 4GB drive

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Installation on KIngston 4GB drive

Good luck for all the great stuff you are making but just help me a bit more.Open office is not installing on Kingston 4GB Data traveler pen drive. Can you do something?

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A little more info

would be nice:
Do you get any error?
Do you have enough space on the drive?

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Format it

Did you format it (Quickformat)?

Like today, I bought a Icidu 4 GB pendrive and I couldn't have installed anything if I didn't formatted it.
Now it is loaded with apps, working fine.
And yeah I know, you have a Kingston, but that doesn't matter that much.
Most pendrives uses the same chip, so if that chip is good, than it wouldn't be better on a 20 euro make than a 40 euro make (if the chip is the same).

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I have the same drive

It works absolutely fine for me. Try formatting it.

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