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100% CPU Usage in Firefox

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100% CPU Usage in Firefox

Anyone else finding Portable FireFox uses 100% CPU power?

I think it occurs on website that require flash and when it's not installed in FireFox has this happen on two installtions of windows and using on my normal hard drive

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sounds similar...

I have seen this happen so far on only one website I visit now and then. When I go toe Spore home page to check for updates to when or if it is comming out, that is the oly page I have found that does that. Just to test, i went to 5 other flash sites like albinoblacksheep and ebaumsworld and such and had no peg of the CPU. Which version of flash you have? You running PFF or Do you have the dll for flash in the right directory? (\PortableFirefox\Data\plugins) I am currently running with flash 9. Might be something to look at...

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