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I know you recommend not to enable anti-virus because of adverse affect on flash drive life but this morning I had 1000+ messages waiting on just one account. Valid emails were less than 10. My current spam filter (Spamihilator) had a 99% efficiency. After 2 weeks of training PTB, it let through more than 12%. There were still about 125 messages (115 spam) to go through. I for one would rather replace my drive every 3-4 months than wade through all this spam. Great site and Great tools. Many thanks for your work. Donation to follow.

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It isn't so much

replacing the drive.  It's the fact that PTB 1.0.7 slows WAY down when training on a flash drive. If you're just using the filter, that's fine.  This issue is fixed in 1.5.

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