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I found this quite by accident today while checking my e-mail. The site address is but at this link (if it works) Someone asked about using it with menu. It's a portable version of an offline wikipedia. I think (not sure) it is open source. License is in the program, it appeared to be open source. Anyway, the original file is 1.6 mb, but the database file is around 35 mb. This might be large, but no larger than the games produced here. It does run out of the box, from a usb flash drive, but someone might want to check it out and convert it to paf format. I mention this, because there isn't anything like this here, that I'm aware of. Also: I didn't find it using the search, so if it has been mentioned before, my apologies.

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Yesh. Youtube!

My Friends did this thing off of youtube. The latest Database file is around 7 Gigs.

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