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Trojan.Pakes inside Toucan?

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Trojan.Pakes inside Toucan?

Spyware Doctor found high risk infection "Trojan.Pakes" in file "cygwin1.dll" in folder: "PortableApps\Toucan\App\toucan".
All I can se is that "cygwin1.dll" is product of Red Hat company from year 2004 and
Trojan.Pakes is product of Integrated Search Technologies (IST).


1)Is this false alarm?
2)What is purpose and function of this "cygwin1.dll" file in Toucan anyway?

John T. Haller
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False Positive

If it's an unaltered file from us, it is a false positive. You should always confirm reports like this with one of the online services that checks multiple products. Spyware Doctor has had issues like this in the past and will probably in the future. After verifying that it is a false positive (and not something from your PC or another PC that infected Toucan), please report the issue to Spyware Doctor.

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Steve Lamerton
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cygwin file is used by the encryption part of Toucan to allow it to be compiled on windows.

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