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Hide application but still on Processes

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Hide application but still on Processes

So we have a desktop for family use. I was using it today and i found out that the internet was very slow. I tried to look in the processes and i saw uTorrent.exe, FDM.exe. I think it is uTorrent thats slowing it down. Problem is there is no utorrent icon in the system tray (which should have). It has got to do with cmd. I saw him open cmd. Also there was also TrayIt.exe. Any of you knows how he hid utorrent?
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run as option under xp allows

run as option under xp allows u to run as another user and there is an option to disable the icons under preferences or if u have 2 user acounts just use 1 to run thoes programs "switch user" to another account and they wont appear on the program list but will be there under processes. also a good way of putting nasty software like keyloggers on a system without them shoing up as a program.

also utorent can be installed as a service to start with windows and hides under the network administrator account similar to other server like softrware (u torrent actually has a integrated tracker server)

i know u all do your best and i thank you for your patience

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