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oop 3.0 does not save documents when login as "user"

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oop 3.0 does not save documents when login as "user"


I just downloaded and "installed" the german version of oop 3.0 on an english Windows 2000 Server with Citrix Presentaton Server 4.0 using the administrator account. However, when I use writer or calc with "user" privileges now (and not as "administrator" - this way everything is okay) and try to save a file I receive the error message (I have to translate german to english):

"Error when saving the document TEST"
"Error when saving the file"

All users have full access to all files in the oop3 folder. As well the folder where I try to save files from writer or calc are open for everybody and with other program and can save files without problems in these folders.

When I user an administrator account everything works fine.

Question: has anybody an idea? Are there any registry values set by oop 3.0 that may be only accessible by administrators?

Smile Hannes

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First off, keep in mind that Citrix often has issues like this with portable apps and is not a supported environment for these applications. Portable apps are designed to be used on a removable device and plugged directly into a computer running Windows or Linux/Unix with Wine.

That aside, it sounds like OOo tried to save it but the OS wouldn't let it create the file. A permissions issue.

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If all users have full access to the directory ...

... try to install the portable as a member of this user group not as admin.
Perhaps this works for You.

BTW: There is a documentation how to install ans use in an terminal server environment.

You'll find it here:

It is for 2.x and in German but should work for 3.x too. If Your German is not good enough please ask Smile

Most importend thing is that You have to create shares in the citrix management consol for every (!) App or the soffice.exe in the way:
Name (of the shared App):
Filepath: D:\PortableApps\OpenOfficePortable\OpenOfficePortable.exe
WorkingDirectory: D:\PortableApps\OpenOfficePortable

Don't know if this works for the portable too, try it out...

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If Your German is not good enough please ask Smile
You're funny, Marko. He's using OpenOffice Portable german Blum

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O boy ...

... I should be clean my glasses ...

Herzlich willkommen Hannes Smile

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The first thing that comes to

The first thing that comes to my mind (which may be way off the mark, of course) is that win2k saved lots of things as belonging to the administrators group if you were logged in with administrator privileges, and subsequently if you were using a non-privileged account (or if the original account were removed from the administrators group) strange things would happen with permissions. Later versions of windows saved such things as owned by the user account, rather than the administrators group (yes, a group can be the owner in Windows).

In other words, if you install something as a user with Administrator privileges, and the installer doesn't check permissions explicitly, you may end up with permissions that only allow other administrators to use it. Which is the symptom mentioned by the OP. I'd guess other things can cause that same symptom too.

Anyway, it would be good to check the ACLs on that directory to make sure that TS users have proper permissions.

It does sound like the OOo program could be a bit more explicit about WHY it couldn't save the file. Maybe there is some sort of error log? Or perhaps you could use Sysinternals ProcessMonitor and see if it is able to reveal why the save is failing.


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Similar Problem

I'm experiencing a similar error on Vista (with admin access), It's been appearing since I upgraded to 3.1. the error msgbox states:

Error saving the document Untitled1: G:\PortableApps\OpenOfficePortable\Data\Documents does not exist.

I am still able to save once I close the message box, but have to manually navigate to my G:\Documents folder.

Notes: Vista, admin access, OOP 3.1.1 English, no modifications done to INI other than single-icon instance

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