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PortableApps Show In /Application Data/

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PortableApps Show In /Application Data/

Why do the following portable apps:

KompoZer Portable, BPBible Portable, GIMP Portable, Mozilla Firefox - Portable Edition, Mozilla Thunderbird - Portable Edition, AbiWord Portable, Mozilla Sunbird - Portable Edition, and ClamWin Portable

show up in C:\Documents and Settings\My Name\Applications Data\

in the following way: .clamwin, bpbible, Kompozer, Mozilla (Extensions, Firefox, Sunbird), and Thunderbird?

The following, other, portable applications that I run on the same stick such as:

SIW, JungleDisk Portable, TrueCrypt, XnView and MozBackup

appear in the following way:

gtopala (siw), jungledisk (portable), Truecrypt, Xnview, and Mozbackup.

How come? I only really expect an answer on ones that are PortableApps apps, but if anyone can tell me about the others, I would most apprciate it too.

Finally, under the \My Name\ directory, which is before any of us come to the \Application Data\ directory, I have listed .gimp-2.2 and AbiSuite. Yes, I know that some of these so-called portable apps mentioned earlier are not produced by PortableApps, but what is going on here, at least with the ones that are, and how can it be stopped once and for all?

I use my apps on an IronKey, portable, flash drive, and a removable USB hard drive where all of my apps are in a TrueCrypt file. I run MS Windows XP Home with SP3 and (as far as I know) it is up-to-date.

Thank you for any help that I can get on this problem.

Zach Thibeau
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well are you running

well are you running APPNamePortable.exe or Apps original exe (. if you are running the actual exe then I would understand your concern but you need to run the APPNamePortable.exe. Now for the .gimp-2.2 are you using an old version of gimp? it should be gimp-2.6 and Version is using 2.6 as well. if you can give more information that would be nice too.

your friendly neighbourhood moderator Zach Thibeau

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dvdcss folder

I just checked my AppData folder and didn't find any traces of my PA apps, but I did find something equally baffling: a folder called 'dvdcss'; in it, folders named for, presumably, every DVD I've stuck in this computer and watched with VLC Portable, from here at Nothing I'd be embarrassed about IT discovering (well, except Tropic Thunder). None of these folders actually contain any files, but the folder names are weird. Here are a couple:


I have no idea what the numbers are. Many start with 2008, but they're not dates. I watched both of those in December, but not the 16th as you might infer from Eagle Eye; it was the week after Christmas.

Also there's a 1KB file called CACHEDIR.TAG.

I'm clearing the folder.

...Scratch that, I have a Mozilla folder, too. The Firefox subfolder just has crash data. The crash reporter doesn't use the same proxy as Firefox and thus doesn't work here at work, so I disabled it, but these files were created upon starting Firefox. The date modified is probably the date and time I started Firefox.

The Mozilla\Extensions folder just contains an empty folder with the following cryptic name:


...And a vlc folder, containing 2 files, ml.xspf and vlc-qt-interface.ini, both not modified since the 1st. Last time I installed VLC, a first-run thing? Could be. I mean, I don't keep track of when I install stuff, so it's speculation.

Hope this helps somebody. They're pretty lax about putting stuff up here despite a policy saying not to; my discretion and precautions are part respect for the policy (I value my job) and part courtesy (PC ain't mine).

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