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Portapps menu auto start

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Portapps menu auto start

I not sure what I did but my portable app menu wont auto start any more.
Here is the ini:


Yes it's geek menu but they are basically the same program and my port menu was
doing this before geek menu.


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i think there is an option in

i think there is an option in the computer to disable autoplay maybe you need to enable that.

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Which version of GeekMenu are you running?

If you are using one of the latest experimental versions ( or then autostart won't work. It worked in and earlier, but when its method of operation was changed (to work via a plugin) for these later versions it accidentally got left out of the distribution. The guy looking after the project (Christopher Litsinger) acknowledged the problem on 23rd Sept 2008 and said he would fix it "in the next few days", but sadly nothing has been heard from him since and the project seems to have died. You can read the exchange here:

Anyone know what happened to Chris?

I use the last experimental of GeekMenu all the time and would love to see autostart back in!


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