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Customizable OpenOffice Installer (Choose which applications)

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Customizable OpenOffice Installer (Choose which applications)

Hello, you should make a customizable installer so that you can choose which components of OpenOffice you want to install. For example, all I want is Writer, Calc, and Impress. I don't want draw, math and especially base. If you can't do this, at least tell me how to remove the others ones completely, not just the icon, I want to save space.

John T. Haller
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Please Read

Please read this:

It's been discussed numerous times. Most people think they can leave off Draw, Math and Base and Portable will be 1/2 the size. It's not. It's one BIG application. Not separate ones like other office suites. Even if you delete all the files associated with those apps, you'd only save a few MB. It's not worth it to maintain even a list of the handful of files affected out of the 3,596 files that make up

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

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Just what I was wondering

I came in to ask the same thing, and I didn't even have to search. Nice.

The main reason I stopped using Portable, initially, was because of the extra icons. It would be nice to save some space, but in the event that isn't possible, the space issue is really not a concern as I have a 4GB USB drive. Like the topic creator, I just want Write and Calc. Wouldn't mind having Impress, but I've honestly got no need for it. The local machine has Office 2007 on it, so my limited spreadsheet work is done on their Excel and I use AbiWord portably.

TC, if space isn't an issue for you, what you need to do is get the PAM R34 mod, install OpenOffice, and then just remove the apps from the menu you don't need. Or make a category called OpenOffice and dump all of them in there. Categories is my primary use for the menu, which is a fork of JTH's and basically the same in many regards, but renaming is another (I felt all the apps didn't need the "Portable" suffix).

So now that I've decided, at home, to convert from MS Office (2002) to OpenOffice, I'll likely take my own suggestion and just delete the menu entries for Math, Draw, Base, and possibly Impress.

On another note, and strictly as commentary, it seems to me backwards now, knowing this about OpenOffice, when people say MS Office is bloated. You can drop Access, Powerpoint, Outlook, and all the little sideshow apps that it comes with, including that insufferable toolbar, and cut it down by over half its size. I mean, my Office 2002 installation at home is smaller than, presumably anybody's OpenOffice installation. Right?

Not that it's a big deal with 8GB drives being totally affordable as 64GB drives represent the top of the market. I know it won't be too long before we see 128GB and 256GB flash drives. End of the year maybe, maybe more. (A guy my brother-in-law knows swears there's a 2TB SD card out there; I couldn't say anything, I just laughed to myself. Not even worth telling him he's wrong.)

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Oh I didn't realize that

Oh I didn't realize that OpenOffice was one big application. I also didn't realize that only installing writer and calc would only save 9MB. Well never mind then about removing the other apps.

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