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Weather desklet

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Weather desklet

So, if I don't want to go through the time to load up Firefox, but I still want to see the weather forecast/current conditions, I would like to be able to see it as a little widget. That way you glance at it quickly before you run out the door.

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I am looking into making

I am looking into making RainmeterPortable.
You can however use Rainmeter portably already by putting Rainmeter.ini in the same folder as Rainmeter.exe. You should be able to find a Rainmeter weather config, that you like. It will take a small effort to find your weather code and put it in the .ini of the config, but it should be easy enough.

Kevin Fang
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what the***

rainmeter is already portable!!!
just install it to your USB device directly!!!

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Wrong. It is portable but

Wrong. It is portable but only when rainmeter.ini exists in its program directory, or some parameters are passed to it (which escape my mind at this moment).

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