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Backup: suggestion for enhancements

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Backup: suggestion for enhancements

Hello everybody,

first big thanks to John and all the people who develop these great applications, which helped me in taking most of my data and programms with me to manage my life and work at university. Please keep up this incredible and perfect work.

Theres one option I personally miss in the built-in backup function of PAM.
At the moment you can choose to backup the whole usb-stick, only the data-folders or the document-folder. The one option i miss is to backup the data-folders AND the document-folder in one file, so i have all my personal files / individuell settings in one backup-file but saved the space of the whole application-folders.

A real great but complicated option would be to enhance the the last backup-function to additional store individual application-folders completely (e.g. Miranda IM, where all the plugins, themes, etc are stored in app-folder not in data-folder. At the moment I save this Application with Toucan on its own.)
A second enhancement would be to start the backup or be remembered to start the backup every X times you launch PAM and the possibility to automatically delete backup-files which are older than X days.


O complete backup
O backup documents
O backup data-folders
O backup data-folders AND document-folder
[ ] backup additional app-folders completely [Folders]

[ ] (remember to) start backup every X days/times PAM is started
[ ] delete backup-files which are older than XX days at destination folder

Just my thoughts for an enhancement of the upcoming Version of PAM. I'm sure it would make things a bit easier, but I'm not a programmer, so I don't know if it is too complicated.



P.S I searched the forum before i start to post, but couldn't find any similar topic, because the search scans the whole forum and i couldn't find an option to scan only a specific sub-forum. If theres such an option please forgive and tell me where to find.

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Screen saver

I miss another option: «Disable screen saver during backup».
Then I can see what is going on.

Bruce Pascoe
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It's not a video; most people don't sit there and watch their backup. So I doubt that many users would use that option if it were there...

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Even I do not sit there. Usually I do something useful, like washing the dishes, and take a look at the screen now and then to see what is going on. And this is easier if the screensaver is disbled.

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You're right

any way to enhance the usefulness of these applications is of benefit to all.

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Backup option.

An additional option to add would be to do a backup of all applications, but the Data files. That way it would be easier to clone a drive for someone else to use without giving them all you own settings,info,etc.


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another useful option

another useful option that i have wanted for months is to exclude certain files during a backup. I usually, if not always, backup my entire drive, but I have some *.dat and other single files that range between 1.6G Bs to 2 GBs in size.

The I would like to exclude these files from my back up to save time, as it takes forever to copy, and I hardly ever modify them. I do a manual back up after i modify them.

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